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October 11, 2012

Letter: Vote your wallet, not your party

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — To the editor:

Congratulations to Methuen Councilor Ron Marsan for voting against the police contract and telling it like it is. We are spending money the city will take out of the taxpayers’ wallets again.

With the economy as it has been, unions have been giving to keep jobs or keep businesses alive. We do not have to go back to the old system of the calendar turns and you will get raises. Ask the UAW or those who are still out of work if the private sector still thinks like last century. Public workers get benefits that the private sector has done away with and politicians still think the old way.

The fitness clause mentioned in the paper seems to me to work backwards. Being fit should be a job requirement — not something to be rewarded for doing. Who wants unfit officers on the job? They should be penalized for not being fit, not the other way around.

I have nothing against any public workers. They want to protect their jobs and raises and I want to protect my wallet for myself and not keep giving because I am fortunate enough to own a home.

When you vote, think of what’s good for yourself and forget a political party. You pay for what’s given to public employees so vote for your wallet and not because you like someone or some party.

Ralph Prolman