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October 14, 2012

Your view: Letters to the editor

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---- — Clinton will take fall for Libya disaster

To the editor:

On Oct. 2, the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform sent a letter to Hillary Clinton citing 13 recent incidents, with conclusions about the events in Libya on Sept. 11. Two conclusions were that killings of four Americans were planned and that at-risk Americans had asked repeatedly for more security. The letter was signed by Chairperson Darrell Issa, with copies to Democrats Elijah Cummings and John Tierney. There are 22 Republicans and 17 Democrats on the committee.

As of Oct. 9, not one Democrat has questioned Issa’s writing, sent on letterhead that included all Committee members’ names. Their silence leads one to believe that facts and conclusions of that letter are solid.

Clinton is asked specifically to indicate whether her headquarters knew of the incidents mentioned. Her response sidestepped that request and stated that the matter is under review in a State Department that she assures will cooperate. She wrote that the aim is to do things “quickly,” but with a mind to “accuracy.” I agree with all who have interpreted that as: “after the election.”

With incompetents whose greatest skills lie in the area of covering up for their inadequacies, one is always trying to put things together. My own view is that Clinton’s State Department and Clinton herself are being offered up by the Obama administration as the faces of failure for the debacles of Sept. 11, 2012.

On the CBS evening news of Oct. 8, Special Forces Colonel Andrew Wood, who arrived in Libya in February as the head of a 16-member team of counterterrorism experts, was interviewed. Wood reported his immediate observations that there were “battles between militias”, “shootings” and “increasing dangers.” He said that our murdered ambassador had expressed great concern and that numerous pleas for increased security were denied. Also noted was their receiving pressures from “higher headquarters at the State Department” to decrease security. In fact, the words “State Department” were mentioned 11 times by Wood’s interviewer, anchor Scott Pelley and by Wood. The names of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were no part of the piece.

Wood was unequivocal that the dangers were relayed. He said: “We signed up to State Department cables and I signed up to the military side and the DOD side.” I read the latter as Wood going through chain-of-command requirements, a process that ends with the commander-in-chief, Barack Obama, just as the State Department side ends with Hillary Clinton.

I am not saying that those who believe that Obama and Clinton did not know that a hole “big enough for 40 men to go through” was blown into the consulate wall in Benghazi in June, that the automobile of the British ambassador was attacked by someone with a rocket-propelled grenade in June or that in August the families of Libyans working in the Benghazi consulate were telling those workers to leave because an attack was imminent are merely mistaken. I am saying that you might be gullible to a fault and naive beyond redemption. These and 10 other highly disturbing committee fact-findings were included in the letter to Clinton.

And to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton: You cannot have your mistake and delete it, too.

Barry McCloskey


Don’t fall for Medicare voucher plan

To the editor:

Attention fellow senior citizens and future senior citizens! The voucher system being proposed by Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and extreme-right wing Republicans is a scam.

Why? If you think it through you will see two big reasons.

First, it allows private health insurance companies, the right of refusal. In other words, no matter the amount of your voucher, if they don’t think it’s profitable to insure you, they won’t. If you have an expensive, pre-existing condition or the high future probability of having an expensive sickness or disease, you’re out of luck. And don’t bother bringing your voucher to another private insurer they won’t insure you either.

Second, the voucher system creates a future scenario where particular legislators and health insurance lobbies can collude. Legislators will keep raising the amount of your voucher (seemingly looking good), but rest assured, any raise in voucher amount will always be followed by the inevitable raise in health insurance premiums. This upward spiral keeps on going unchecked, unabated, lining the pockets of puppet legislators and increasing the guaranteed, exorbitant profits of private health insurance companies, who are really only middlemen doing the paperwork.

Who pays for all of this? You guessed it. It is we, the taxpayers.

No, let’s stick with Obama. He wants to control administrative costs of health insurers while lowering health provider costs through efficiency and more economical ways to provide the best most affordable health care. Also, there is no right of refusal. Everyone is ultimately insured at the best price possible.

Fellow senior citizens, because we are “safe in the room” with the present Medicare system, let us not “slam the door behind us” on our children and grandchildren who deserve to be in this room with us.

Charles Santagati


Finegold is best choice

for state Senate

To the editor:

As a resident, voter and taxpayer in the city of Lawrence, I strongly support state Sen. Barry Finegold.

Sen. Finegold is an independent thinker who has shown his commitment to creating and sustaining change in the City of Lawrence during his tenure in the Massachusetts Senate and involvement in numerous civic activities.

I have met Barry Finegold and can vouch that his constituents will be able to count on his common sense and responsiveness.

I urge voters in the City of Lawrence to support Barry Finegold’s candidacy for the Massachusetts Senate.

Francisca Reinoso