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October 29, 2012

Letter: Obama policies haven’t produced results

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — To the editor:

Well, the debates are now behind us, and what were the real results?

Huge numbers of people really had a chance to see Mr. Romney for the first time, and in a matter of a few short hours, he totally negated the hundreds of millions of dollars that the Obama machine had spent in saturated TV ads trying to define him into something he was not. To all but the most partisan, he showed a mature approach, a rather deep understanding of the issues, and a man very presidential and clearly ready to be commander-in-chief as well as to address the critical economic issues that the current administration has devastatingly mismanaged for four years.

In Mr. Obama, we saw a man who has done everything possible to avoid running on his record; the plan was always distort Mr. Romney’s record and distract voters from his own record and into meaningless side issues at every turn.

When one sees these two together, gets past the rhetoric, and obtains the facts behind their records on the key issues of our days, one has to scratch their head in utter disbelief that Mr. Obama is even being considered for a second term.

There should be no question that the jobs issue is No. 1. Mr. Obama repeatedly states that “he has created 5 million jobs in the last 30 months”, totally ignoring what that means. Mr. Romney reminds us that there are 23 million American workers, mostly in the middle class, that need a full time job now and cannot find one.

Even more important toward solving the issue, Mr. Romney explains that government can not create private sector jobs. The role of government is to help to create the environment so individuals and companies who have capital will be willing to risk that capital to create and build companies of all sizes, thus creating jobs. Mr. Obama’s misuse of taxpayer funds and stifling regulations has frozen the investment process, thus killing private sector job creation.

Obamacare is turning out to be the job killer predicted, and it is now estimated to cost double Mr. Obama’s pledge, even ignoring the $700 billion he takes from Medicare, which will clearly hurt today’s seniors.

Mr. Obama is on a path to disaster on our defense budget. Modern America has a vision of peace through strength, and this can only be accomplished with a strong underlying economy.

Mr. Obama talks about energy independence, which we can have. But his actions, from delaying drilling on government land to not approving a “no-brainer” Keystone pipeline to wasting countless taxpayers billions on ill-conceived “green” concepts go in the other direction.

Mr. Obama’s course must be redirected or we will surely be a nation at constant risk.

Mr. Romney can and will reverse that course and once again return to American parents that dream that their children will have a quality of life better than they.

Len Rosen