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October 31, 2012

Letter: Real war on women isn’t the one we hear about

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — To the editor:

There certainly is a war being waged on women in this country, but not the one you hear about on the news.

The first victims of this war are the millions of female babies killed by abortion before they ever see the light of day. Then, there are the young girls and teens who are pressured by television, movies, music, and boys — who are also under ridiculous pressure to be sexually active — and men to be sex objects rather than the beautiful girls and women God created them to be, using their gifts and talents to make the world a better place. Then there are the sex education programs in some of the public schools which expose our children to far too much, far too early, instead of letting them enjoy the innocence of childhood. Is it any wonder the U.S. is now falling so far behind many, many countries in reading, math, and science?

Then, there are all the mothers who are trying to raise their daughters to value themselves, and wait for the man who will love them and make a commitment to them; who will value them for who they are not just for the pleasure they can provide, only to be betrayed by others, such as the members of Planned Parenthood, who are influencing girls who are not even their own children to take on their belief system. They are supplying young minors with birth control pills, which have been identified as carcinogens linked to an increase in breast, liver, and other cancer by the World Health Organization, and even assisting children to procure an abortion without any knowledge or input from their parents; all the while totally disregarding the woman’s right to raise her children with the moral values that she embraces. The mother who bore them, who is doing her best to raise them, who is responsible for their health and well being until they are adults is not even consulted.

Members of Planned Parenthood actually think what they are doing is admirable, all the while violating every mother’s right to raise her children in the way she believes is best for them. They are depriving women of their own grandchildren. If these women in Planned Parenthood want to advise their children to kill their own grandchildren, as sad as that is, the law allows it and no one will stop them. But if they want to assist in the killing of other women’s grandchildren, that is a total betrayal and violation of those grandmothers’ rights, and I can’t understand why no one has taken them to court for it.

This war on women has been raging for a long time, and it’s about time for the women in America to stand up, unite, and say “enough is enough.” Defend your daughters, moms, because if you don’t, others will happily lead them down the path of promiscuity, broken hearts, sexually transmitted diseases, abortion, depression, etc.

This is the war we should be fighting, not the war for a 30-year-old who thinks she’s got it rough because taxpayers might refuse to allow their hard-earned money to be used to pay for her sex-without-responsibility lifestyle.

Kathleen Garon

North Andover