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December 23, 2012

Your View: Letters to the editor

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---- — Take time to celebrate the reason for the season

To the editor:

The news of late has been very bleak. We have the tragic loss of life and innocence at the Sandy Point School. In Washington, the politicians are wrangling over the “fiscal cliff.” Even closer to home, a police officer was nearly killed breaking up a drunken brawl and there were people fighting in mall parking lots over parking spaces.

Soon this country will be celebrating Christmas, marking the birthday of Jesus, born in Bethlehem

over 2,000 years ago, the Son of God made incarnate. He offered the people in the land of Palestine a message of hope and peace.

May I offer a simple suggestion? Take time to reflect upon what that message was, take time to hug

your kids, smile at the nitwit that took your parking space and also take time to open your heart to God. Go to the religious services offered by your faith this season. Get to know your pastor, minister or rabbi on a first name-basis. If you step back and look at the people committing violent crimes, how many of them did so after attending a religious service?

Merry Christmas.

Robert Bruder


We must buy back semi-automatics, not just ban them

To the editor:

In the wake of the massacre in Newtown, Conn., everyone is talking about new gun laws. President Obama questions the adequacy of current gun laws to keep our children safe. Most people agree that something must be done. Some believe, in light of the frequency of such massacres and the horror of the latest, that a tipping point has been reached and they hope for a law that will actually save lives.

In the meantime, whether out of fear for their safety or concern that a ban on semi-automatic assault rifles such as the AR-15 is inevitable, people in droves are buying up such guns. Dealers are running out of inventory.

In 1996, in a place called New Town, Australia there was a massacre. The Prime Minister acted quickly in proposing and getting a ban on assault rifles passed. Within 12 days it was in place. Since then, it’s been almost 16 years without a massacre.

But it wasn’t just the ban that did it.

Australia bought back 650,000 semi-automatic rifles. I repeat: 650,000 weapons were bought back.

Unless a new gun law calling for the ban of semi-automatic rifles contains a plan to buy back these weapons, with no grandfather clauses allowed, the passing of such a law will be a feel-good exercise. The law will be merely a sham.

Jane Cadarette

North Andover

Pass more laws and criminals will break them

To the editor:

After the horrific events in Newtown, Conn., I have heard a lot about how gun control legislation would have stopped this tragedy. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.

The fact of the matter is that this man sought to obtain guns legally and he was denied. So he decided to steal them in order to complete his plot. I do not have to state that stealing is the illegal act of taking a person’s property. He then took the stolen guns and committed murder, again, another illegal act banned by the government.

The issue here is not guns and legislation. The issue is that criminals will do anything to obtain the guns. By creating more legislation, the only people affected are those who purchase, register and secure their weapons properly. A heap of legislation the size of a mountain could not have prevented this tragedy because a criminal does not care about laws or lives; that is why they are criminals.

Patrick J. Rahilly


A tea party acolyte twists the truth again

To the editor:

Star Parker, in her column of Dec. 17, “Tea party must show resolve”, as is usual for tea party propagandists, contorts the truth and the facts 180 degrees to defend her indefensible positions.

As just one recent example of how tea partyistas play fast and loose with the truth, Parker cites a recent study by an arm of the Economist magazine that shows the United States as 16th out of 50 countries ranked for quality of life, and she uses that study to bolster her claim that supporting tea party dogma will somehow restore the United State to the number one position in quality of life.

How truly ironic that Parker has chosen to use that study to bolster her claims, given that every one of the countries that make up the top 10 in that quality of life ranking has far larger government-run social safety nets for their citizens, with universal health coverage with mandatory participation by all citizens — those countries’ equivalents to Obamacare — being one of the mainstays of these countries’ enhanced

quality of life. And many of the quality of life top 10 countries not only have universal health insurance (what we’d call Medicare for everyone), but, as is the case for four of the top

five ranked “quality of life” countries, socialized health care as well!

Hmmm, universal health care and health insurance for all, the program that tea partyistas oppose at every turn, turns out to be one of the main reasons all these countries outrank the United States in quality of life! Hmmmmm.

I guess for tea partyistas, when the facts don’t fit the case you want to make, you just try to con the people into believing the facts point in the opposite direction and hope that the people will never dig into and check out your bald-faced misrepresentations.

Bob Pokress