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January 10, 2013

Letter: Hoping for a middle road on gun control

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — To the editor:

I am little sadden by the recent debate on guns. I thought I might share another perspective:

While I am not a gun owner, I have no quarrel with those who own hunting rifles — we do need to cull certain animals such as deer. As a boy, I attended a camp in New Hampshire, where we learned to shoot with a .22 rifle at targets. It was fun, but not enough for me to beg my parents to buy me one. I lived in a city — where would I use it?

I also understand mental illness. My family has suffered a tragedy and the continuing struggles of other family members, as well. That is one reason why I do not allow guns in my home.

As for combat-style weapons I think they are a kind of WMD — personal weapons of mass destruction, if you will. Is there much of a difference between a grenade and an assault rifle in terms of the mass casualties either can inflict in seconds? As far as I know, average citizens can’t own live grenades. Perhaps it’s time to limit assault-style weapons and ammunition as well.

I hope the politicians can move past the usual rhetoric and listen to the voices of hunters, gun enthusiasts, gun control advocates, as well as the survivors and family members of the victims of gun violence. I hope that they will work toward a fuller solution to the gun violence issue in our country.

At least I can hope.

Paul Cronin