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December 17, 2012

Letter: Dems can't be trusted in fiscal cliff talkss

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — To the editor:

On Jan. 1, income tax rates for all American wage earners will rise and defense and Medicare spending will be cut under sequestration unless the president and Congress agree on spending cuts and revenue increases.

The president and the Democratic Senate want to raise taxes on those earning over $250,000, and put off any spending cuts until next year. Republicans would be right to reject this proposal because the Democrats cannot be trusted based on past experience. The Democratic Party promised President George H.W. Bush that it would cut spending if tax rates were increased. President Bush agreed, but the cuts never materialized, and he was voted out of office.

The Republican House wants to raise revenues by eliminating deductions, and cut spending through reforming entitlements. Without spending cuts, raising revenue by any means will do nothing to solve the problem of our $16 trillion national debt, but will only give the federal government more money to spend. Estimates are that the president’s tax rate proposal will generate $80 billion, yet we will need 17,500 times this amount to eliminate one year’s deficit under Obama.

If this president and the Democrats were serious about solving our fiscal problems, they would work with the Republicans to produce a budget as required by the Constitution, and address Social Security and Medicare reform in order to preserve these programs for future generations. Our government has not operated under a budget for over three years even though the Republican House has passed a budget twice only to have the Democrat Senate not negotiate a budget resolution.

Under Obama’s one term the government has spent $6 trillion more than was raised by taxes by borrowing and printing money, yet he called President Bush unpatriotic for increasing the debt $4 trillion in eight years.

It is my opinion that Obama does not care about the debt, and is not interested in reforming any social program. I also believe that Obama doesn’t care that under sequestration $1 trillion in spending cuts in defense and Medicare will happen. Cutting our defense spending will weaken our military and threaten our security. His intention is to transform America from a constitutional republic into a Western European social democracy. In order to accomplish this, he needs to take more money out of the private sector through taxation in order to fund more government programs and benefits.

Sadly, Obama believes that the greatness of America is the New Deal and Great Society programs of the past as well as his Affordable Care Act of today. Fortunately, there are still millions of Americans who believe America’s greatness results from limited government and our freedom guaranteed under our Constitution.

John Mugavero