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September 14, 2012

Letter: Democrats have the edge in ideas, optimism

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — To the editor:

As a small business owner, I have small to mid-sized business customers. My future depends on the economic health not of huge corporations, Wall Street, or Big Oil, but rather of these businesses. So I watched the speeches at both the Republican National Convention and the Democratic National Convention carefully on CSPAN, avoiding the instant “spin.”

The RNC reprised the failed policies of George W. Bush. Had these ideas worked, Bush II no doubt would have been invited to be the keynote speaker. Instead, not only was Bush II absent, but also his presidency was ignored.

The RNC simply criticized our current president for not having cleaned up the mess created by Bush II fast enough. Though Bush II still holds the record for raising the debt more than any other president, I heard no acknowledgement of the errors under that administration, which plunged the country into economic crisis. The GOP does not seem to have learned from its mistakes. Instead, the GOP tries to claim our current president’s economic proposals — that they blocked — have failed. This message assumes collective amnesia.

In contrast, the DNC showcased ideas, optimism, facts, and details that our country has progressed. America no longer loses hundreds of thousands of jobs monthly. Our country has been gaining jobs for 30 straight months. The stock market is up. President Obama delivered tax relief for 95 percent of working families; reduced the bloat in government jobs created under George W. Bush; ended the war in Iraq that Bush put on a national “credit card” and is bringing troops home from Afghanistan.

That President Obama has economic credibility is clear. The choice is clear. Voters don’t want to give the White House back to the Republicans because we do, in fact, remember the Bush era all too well.

Carol Crowell