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September 16, 2012

Your view: Letters to the editor

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---- — Democrats and Clinton manipulate the truth

To the editor:

It comes as no shock that Bill Clinton would not tell the truth since he could not do it while president.

Clinton signed the bill that repealed the Glass-Steagall Act of 1932. This was the bill signed into law to prevent banks from investing in securities and other risky assets. Well hello Citibank and Solomon Smith Barney 1998. Also, it was Clinton who signed into law the Community Reinvestment Act. That wonderful piece of legislation was responsible for the housing crisis since it encouraged everyone to own a home even if they have no income. What a joke.

Now we see Clinton on television talking about the failed policies of the Republicans although he was the one responsible for those two pieces of legislation that have devastated the middle class and brought us to the edge of the fiscal cliff.

Barack Obama is not looking out for our interests and that is obvious to anyone with an open mind. He has constant appearances on Letterman and Leno with his “rock-star status” but has no time for heads of state to do the job which we hired him to do. He has divided and polarized this country like no other.

Democrats want to beat a dead horse and bring up nonsense like the “war on women”, “throwing Grandma off the cliff” and “Republicans are for the rich.” These are just obvious attempts to hide the inept job that the White House and for that matter Congress have done. They say Republicans blocked Obama’s budget but they won’t tell you that not one single legislator voted for it, Republican or Democratic, because it was so outrageous and over the top. When was the last time our Democratic controlled Senate passed a budget?

The Democrats like to blame everything on Bush. Bush was no genius but he was dealt a hand that Democrats do not want to acknowledge. First there was the Internet bubble, then 9-11. What would you have done? Then the housing bubble came to a head thanks to Bill Clinton’s Community Reinvestment Act.

There is plenty of blame to go around for both parties. They both have acted irresponsibly. It is time for a change and it needs to start at the top. After all, that is where the buck is supposed to stop.

So my advice to the Democrats is to stop trying to deflect the attention away from the real issue of jobs and energy independence. The Democrats have no plan, never did. Mitt Romney is at least offering a plan to open drilling which would create thousands if not millions of private sector income tax-paying jobs and reduce our dependency on oil from foreign countries who in most cases are not our friends. This can be done in an environmentally responsible way but the Democrats have their collective heads in the sand.

How is that $4 gallon gas doing for you? Keep Obama and it will be $8 gallon when he is done with us.

Clark Jones


No ID required to vote this fall in New Hampshire

To the editor:

Recently there has been a good deal of misleading commentary indicating that New Hampshire law has changed significantly with respect to a citizen’s right to vote. This commentary is understandable but highly confusing. It is understandable because the New Hampshire legislature has indeed imposed requirements for elections held in 2013 and afterwards. But it misleads by suggesting that voters must present valid photo identification in the upcoming 2012 elections. Regardless of what you may have heard, you do not need a photo ID to vote this November

Here are the basic facts about the new law. Every New Hampshire citizen 18 or older — including college students living here — has a constitutional right to vote in the Granite State. This right is unaffected by the new law. Also, the new law has no effect on the right to register to vote on Election Day. In 2012, voters will be asked but not required to present valid photo identification in order to register or vote. Instead, voters still have three options to register and vote in the upcoming elections.

First, voters may present valid photo identification to register and vote. Valid photo identification includes any state driver’s license regardless of the expiration date; a valid student identification card; a New Hampshire non-driver’s photo identification card; a U.S. armed services identification card; a U.S. passport regardless of expiration date; a valid government photo identification; or any other photo identification deemed acceptable by city or town officials. Also, city or town officials may verify a person’s identify even without photo identification.

Second, persons without valid photo identification may register and obtain a ballot by simply signing affidavits attesting to identity, age, citizenship, and domicile in New Hampshire. That’s it. Voters who use affidavits to register and to vote will receive a letter from the secretary of state after the election requesting confirmation that they voted and explaining how to obtain a free voter photo identification. Those who do not respond to the letter within 90 days will receive a similar letter from the attorney general. But there is no penalty for voters who do not respond to these letters.

Third, voters eligible to vote by absentee ballot may still obtain such a ballot from their city or town clerk prior to Election Day. Absentee ballots must be returned to the clerk by 5 p.m. on Nov. 6, 2012, in order to be counted. Voting by absentee ballot does not require voter identification.

New Hampshire citizens should understand that the new voter identification law in no way affects their eligibility to vote. Nor does it even require photo identification for the Nov. 6 election. Americans have the responsibility and privilege of choosing our elected federal and state representatives. That tradition continues this November, so get out there and vote!

John M. Greabe

Professor of Law

University of New Hampshire School of Law