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December 16, 2012

Letter: Rice, Clinton, take fall for Obama

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — To the editor:

One woman’s political career is over. Another woman’s present hopes for a more powerful, prestigious position have been put on hold and her political career has been seriously damaged.

The two casualties are a direct result of a protect-Barack-Obama-at-all-costs mentality that exists in this administration. Casualties number three and four (one and two in some citizens’ accounting) are the country and its people.

We should, perhaps, have some sympathy for woman number one, present Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Clinton tried to tell the truth about Benghazi, Libya, to the nation and to four grieving families and was jettisoned by Obama and company as a consequence. Had she been an actual part of the company, her fate might not have been sealed by her daring to provide broad and unmistakable hints at the truth. But being at all times an enemy elevated to a significant cabinet post in order to court her loyalty and keep her close enough to be managed should the purchased loyalty to the boss not take, her disloyalty required punishment.

Clinton might be our best hope of getting to a truthful account, both in plot and context, of the horror inflicted on the USA in Benghazi on Sept. 11, 2012. Where the country will not receive the truth is from the FBI, the intelligence community, remaining cabinet members (to include Susan Rice) or Barack Obama.

As for Susan Rice, who has been given the opportunity to say it is her choice not to seek the position soon to be vacated by Clinton, there is little reason to feel sympathy. If she knew she was giving false information to the country on Sept. 16, she was lying. If not, she is not very good at discerning when others might be lying.

The ability to at least question another’s truthfulness may not be important if you are in the inner circle of the Obama administration. It might just be a wise practice to question everything one might hear in such company, knowing that the news people owned by that cabal can be counted on to either bail you out or to look the other way until things blow over.

But being naive and gullible are not good things when your job as UN ambassador has you in contact with politically adept people purveying their own nation’s agenda on a daily basis in the ongoing business of UN diplomacy.

On the NBC Nightly News of Dec. 13, it was Brian Williams’ turn to provide a chair-to-chair forum for Rice to rationalize, minimize, extemporize and compromise. All she could manage was to do was dig a bigger hole for herself.

Not to parse her comments one by one, it is enough to note that, after saying that her entire life has been in public servant positions, Rice actually said she was not a political person. Does she really believe we are going to fall for that?

Barry McCloskey