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September 23, 2012

Your view: Letters to the editor

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---- — Election is about competence, not popularity

To the editor:

The election is about 50 days away. Polls are said to be close. Some of the recent polls ask “who is more popular.” This is an election for president of the United States of America and not a popularity contest. The person we elect should be experienced, competent, and honest, a person who believes in the Constitution as it was written and is willing to follow it and defend it. So that you are able to make an informed decision, I here list Obama’s “accomplishments”:

Increased the federal debt by $5.4 trillion in less than four years; your individual share of this debt is now $51,974.

Increased federal spending by 24 percent.

Stopped off-shore drilling and stopped the Keystone Pipeline. The cost of gasoline is now $4 per gallon. It was $2 per gallon when he came into office.

Gave federal grants to “green energy” companies, 12 of which are now bankrupt. This cost over $2 billion in wasted taxpayer money.

Passed Obamacare taking over 20 percent of the economy and robbing $716 billion from Medicare. This includes $800 billion in new taxes. The true cost of implementation is $2.6 trillion.

Bailed out the auto industry, leaving taxpayers on the hook for $25 billion.

Instituted policies resulting in an unemployment of over 8 percent with 23 million unemployed or no longer in the workforce. The labor participation rate is at a low of 63.5 percent.

Proposed spending increases of $46 trillion over the next years if he is re-elected.

This election is not about voting Democratic or Republican. Obama has an ideology which threatens our freedom. He wants us to be a socialist country like those in Europe. This is not about who has a “pleasant smile.” This is about the future direction of our country. Social issues do not matter in this election. What matters is whether we go back to what our Founding Fathers envisioned or whether we go down the road of socialism.

This truly is the most important election of our time. Either vote wisely or don’t vote at all.

Marilyn Luther


Romney smears nearly half of the nation

To the editor:

All Americans, especially the families of Americans who have served in the military and the families of those who have died serving in the military, should feel personally insulted by the reprehensible smear Romney made about half of our citizenry back in May at that gated-community fundraiser.

I am proud to count myself as a “47 percenter” that Romney smeared, having served our country proudly as a member of the military earlier in my life where the salary I was paid during many of those years resulted in my not paying much, if any, federal income tax. Unlike Romney, who shirked military service when his generation was called upon to serve, millions of people were sent off to fight in wars. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have died in wars while in military service, all of whom I am certain, if they were alive today, would also be proud to say they were “47 percenters” while they were serving their country.

Among the hundreds of millions of Americans that Romney smeared is my 92-year-old father, a combat veteran of World War II, who now lives on a very modest income that results in his not paying any federal income tax. He is also proud to say he is among the “47 percent” that Romney has the brass, the audacity, the sheer gall to call moochers.

Romney, who was born into wealth and privilege, with his multiple vacation homes, elevators for his cars and his gated-community mentality, has no clue what it’s like to be a typical American, as shown by his candid, highly offensive comments about we “47 percenters.” And the list of “47 percenters” includes the tens millions of Americans who may not be veterans but who work hard at low-paying jobs and hence do not earn enough to pay federal income tax.

If Gov. Romney wants to get a first-hand look at an American moocher, he need go no further than to take a look in a mirror since he is at the top of the list of moochers, having shirked military service — as have all five of his sons while we have been engaged in two more wars their father has been a cheerleader for. Romney lived a life of wealth, luxury and privilege while the rest of his generation was called upon to go off to war — 50,000 died in Vietnam and tens of thousands of others were seriously disabled.

Romney deserves a thorough repudiation for his reprehensible view of nearly half of Americans come Election Day.

Bob Pokress


Tape reveals what Romney believes

To the editor:

Mitt Romney thinks it’s OK for super wealthy people like him to take advantage of every legal tax break, but not the struggling working family. The vast majority of households not paying federal income taxes are those whose wages are so low that they qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit. These include thousands of active-duty military. Many are veterans. Romney calls them all victims and irresponsible.

Romney thinks he knows Americans. Most of the remaining people who do not pay federal income taxes are seniors on Social Security and the mentally and physically disabled. He thinks they are just moochers.

If he even knew, he would probably think it was just fine for the more than 4,000 millionaires who pay no federal income taxes, or for the other 14,000 who make over $500,000 and do the same. Actually, maybe he does know this one. But presumably he respects them and their deductions and credits, but does not respect the millions of hard-working low-wage workers and the legal tax credit due to them.

He seems to only respect the work of investors and entrepreneurs, not the average working American.

Charlie Zoeller