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October 4, 2012

Letter: We need more than Obama’s empty promises

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — To the editor:

I once thought a hefty mix of U.S. citizens were deep thinkers. I was incorrect. Many seem to only take their own special interests into account rather than the good of the whole country, even when it means voting for a presidential candidate who works most diligently at promoting himself rather than bringing opportunity to the American people. Obama boosts his image while slinging lies about his opponent.

To convince us he works in our behalf, he sprinkles confetti in the form of entitlements which he will not be able to sustain. Confetti looks pretty but eventually goes right down the drain. This president is an exceptional speaker. Speaking is his best asset. It is what works well for him in producing the “halo effect.” This is not progress.

Obama is deceiving the American people. It is mandatory to balance the budget each year. Why hasn’t he been able to “get it done”? He has hidden such facts such as the more than $700 billion he has taken out of Medicare to fund Obamacare, triggering a decline in our present Medicare coverage as we know it.

He has continued to borrow from China to pay for government security and entitlement programs. We only need simple math to realize that with all this juggling we will still come up with the same shortage, plus accruing interest. No other president to date has brought such a monstrosity of debt. Unemployment remains over 8 percent, not counting those who have given up looking. His promises are running on empty.

His policies have failed to provide any growth. It’s more than Social Security that will go broke. Without an intelligent plan we will be unable to pay for military programs, Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, unemployment, or other assistance. In addition to the economy, he has failed to address leaving our embassy in Libya unprotected and our officials in harm’s way at a tremendous loss.

This president has not kept the promises he made four years ago to cut the deficit in half, nor will he be able to keep his promises of caring for the needy through his programs. The debt ceiling and uncontrolled spending cannot hold up with the shrinking tax payments of a diminishing workforce. He has not provided the means to foster growth.

Any honorable person who takes on a job in the private sector is held accountable not only to others but to himself! Blaming would not be tolerated in the workforce. Blaming does not match up with integrity.

On the other hand those of us not paying attention to Romney’s real life behaviors, would not know about how he has helped the poor, disabled, and the sick all along as the man of kindness and integrity he is. He has created jobs all his life helping small businesses by providing them with a head start. Businesses under his watch prospered.

This deep economic decline will not be fixed quickly by any candidate, but Mitt Romney will begin the process of getting the economy going. He will work hard to get it right for as many sectors as possible.

Joan Hamel