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December 19, 2012

Letter: New Hampshire must adopt strict gun controls

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — To the editor:

The shootings in Connecticut were done with legally obtained weapons, held in a legitimate household by a responsible gun owner. Since 2006, Mexico has had approximately 50,000 homicides in the drug trafficking wars, and approximate 68,000 of the 100,000 illegal guns seized in these deaths were traceable to legal purchases in the United States (and then smuggled into Mexico).

Will a return to strict gun control in New Hampshire keep guns from the hands of dangerous persons? As we found out in Connecticut, it won’t stop someone bent on getting weapons.

Will strict gun control restrict the rights of citizens to “keep and bear arms”?

It is no more of an inconvenience than the requirement to have a driver’s license and be of age to drive a car.

What strict gun control laws will do is set an atmosphere of safety in our public institutions where it is needed most: hospitals, libraries and schools. Our children, and our law-abiding citizens, need to have a sense of safety and security in our towns.

It is bad enough for adults with PTSD to wake up in the night shaking from nightmares and to go through the day with mood swings and drug and alcohol problems. Imagine 5-year-olds going through the same symptoms in Connecticut and parents who must keep the TV and radio off during crisis periods because of their children. This is not a way for a free state and nation to live.

Let’s call on the Legislature in this New Year to address responsible control of weapons in our state, to save our children, our sanity and our way of life.

Pete McVay

Atkinson, N.H.