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January 29, 2013

Letter: ‘Stand your ground’ repeal would force risky retreat

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — To the editor:

HB 135, the bill to repeal the “stand your ground” law, flies directly in the face of both the Second Amendment to our Constitution, as well and more importantly, Part 1 Article 2a of our New Hampshire Constitution. I’m not some gun nut. I’m simply a law-abiding citizen who carries a firearm for exactly the reason Part 1 Article 2a was placed into our New Hampshire Constitution in the first place.

I’d much rather be tried by 12 then carried by six but why should anyone defending a life have to worry about anything other the defense of that life?

HB 135 is nothing more then a back-door approach to gun control, one law-abiding citizen at a time. HB 135 is a potential death sentence to those law-abiding citizens who, rather then defend themselves in that split-second, life or death decision, are forced to turn their backs on the threat in an attempt to locate that elusive avenue of retreat.

In the event of a deadly force encounter, exactly how long do you think you have to make a decision in defense of yourself? So why do these anti-gun zealots want you to make the retreat decision first?

State Rep. Dan Dumaine

Auburn, N.H.