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May 30, 2013

A cookie for one on the run or bike

Decorating biscotti with trail mix adds power


Rosanne LeBlanc has been baking Italian biscotti for years, and she has been decorating them for just as long. What started as an enticing way to attract customers to her son’s tradeshow booth has taken off and turned into a booming business almost overnight. She invites you into her kitchen to teach you a unique biscotti decorating technique. Out with the old and in with the new, as this classic cookie gets an overhaul.

Rosanne explains that biscotti were designed in both shape and texture to survive in a pocket, mainly for Italian fishermen. The word “biscotti” means “twice-baked.” Biscotti are first baked in hand-formed loaves, then sliced and toasted. Returning the slices to the oven draws off moisture and results in a crisp, dry cookie that allows it to be stored for an extremely long time without going bad. One distinctive aspect of Rosanne’s biscotti is that they are softer than typical biscotti, which makes them even more delicious than your traditional variety.

Another unique aspect to Rosanne’s treats is that they are decorated.

Whether you make your own biscotti or purchase store bought, you can decorate them in a unique and healthy way. Trail mix is a great way to decorate. Trail mix, a blend of nuts, grains, dried fruit and chocolate, developed as a high-protein, snack food to be taken along on hikes or other sporting activities. This specific Trail Mix Biscotti will keep both kids and adults energized as their summer activities pick up. You can make your own trail mix quite easily.

“Why not put in something homemade? I know what goes into it,” Rosanne explains, as she stays away from prepackaged granola and fitness bars. A healthy topping of nuts, dried fruits, seeds and white chocolate gives you all the energy and sugar needed to stay active.

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