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November 13, 2013

Fox's 'Almost Human' explores what it means to be human


“I think we’ve all seen the robot that longs to be human. We felt that, to tell the story we wanted to tell, that it was probably better for us to have a robot that was more human than he could handle and sort of trying to understand what he is versus wanting and longing to be something he’s not. So that was our way in,” Wyman says. “I think that it’s such an incredible arena to tell great stories about the human condition in ways that are unique and that you really haven’t seen on network television before.”

And the human element of that examination will fall to Urban, who plays a cop whose broken both physically and emotionally. Urban’s happy his new series isn’t offering a dystopian vision of the future.

“This is a future that is immediately accessible. We’ve still got mortgages. Mom and dad still take the kids to soccer. In this slightly futuristic vision, society is dealing with elements and difficulties that are just a little bit beyond the curve for us, and I find that interesting,” Urban says. “We play characters who are really at the frontline of protecting the society against the misapplication of, whether it be genetics or robotics, or anything like that.

“And the wonderful thing that I think the show does is it really sort of questions us. It makes us, as an audience, ask what does it mean to be human? And if I was in that situation, how I would react? And I think that’s a key of all good shows.”

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