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December 28, 2012

Food for a quiet New Year's Day

New Year’s Day is usually a “do very little” day in my home.

In my past I had my share of New Year’s Eve parties, when the following day would start late and be one of pure laziness (and re-energizing).

But in the years of raising a family, it turned into a day of a quiet dinner, or a brunch, sometimes “all-day grazing,” with foods that could be heated up as desired.

Most often, the afternoon would bring a football game on TV or we would get into a good movie. Or friends or family would stop over and join us for dinner when we would start talking of our New Year’s resolutions, or at least something we intended to accomplish that year. Usually we kept it simple, shying away from heavy resolutions.

When I did make a sit-down dinner, it was most usually baked ham. To me, this is the easiest and quickest “Sunday dinner” meal; just glaze it and put it into a slow oven. Later, in the early evening, it would usually turn into a great ham sandwich.

Creamed onions and carrots, which I always made a couple of days ahead, is a perfect side dish to ham. If a potato was desired, I would just put some white baking potatoes or sweet potatoes in the oven alongside the ham.

And a big bowl of fresh fruit salad is nice to have in the refrigerator for all-day snacking.

These are a few of my favorite foods for my “do nothing day,” along with an easy dinner. Add your favorites and make it the same for you.

Cider Glazed Ham

1 fully cooked ham of your choice (I like shank end, bone-in, about 5 pounds)

12 whole cloves

1 cup firmly packed brown sugar

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