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June 2, 2013

Brown's on fire with 'Inferno'


On a ship just off the coast of Italy, the provost ponders his last client. He’s glad the man’s contract is done. The Consortium spent a year maintaining the man’s privacy and safety, but the work was troublesome and the provost regrets taking the business. He regrets it even more when he realizes what that client is about to unleash.

Brown’s two main characters escape and are chased over and over and over again, relentlessly – which is exciting at first, but tiring as this book progresses. The book is a bit too long, but that’s the only bad news.

This is a thriller injected with chases, intrigue, esoteric clues that require genius-level thinking, international locales, secret passages, and an evil madman. It’s complex and fast-moving. For a couple weeks’ worth of entertainment, what more could you want?

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