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March 14, 2014

Q&A: Ice Cube on his box-office hit 'Ride Along'


AP: But unlike John Singleton, you chose to focus on the humor in your South Central Los Angeles upbringing.

Ice Cube: Growing up in my neighborhood, the comedy was right there. ‘Friday’ was our look at the neighborhood: Dope-dealing out of an ice-cream truck, crackheads, drive-by shootings — how bad is that? But it was actually fun at times. That is what the movie was conveying. It was how we saw the neighborhood versus how the news saw the neighborhood.

AP: When casting Kevin Hart in “Ride Along,” which you produced and also starred in, it seems you foresaw his massive success. When did the conversation start about making the “Ride Along” sequel?

Ice Cube: When the studio saw the preview numbers, they were excited, so we are in good shape. It was something we weren’t expecting, but we have a script and we might be ready to shoot in June or July. The film has also done well in Egypt and Lebanon. Hopefully we’ll go to other territories, like hitting Australia with it.

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