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June 20, 2013


What will audiences take away from the scorched earth of “World War Z”? It might be the nerve-racking sound of snapping zombie teeth. It might be the sight of the undead in a pyramidic body pile, scaling the walls of Jerusalem. It might be the aerial shot of the panic-stricken, fleeing their infected brethren and streaming through the streets of Philadelphia. It might be the troubling idea of zombies that can move so fast.

“So freaking fast,” said actress Mireille Enos (AMC’s “The Killing”), who plays Brad Pitt’s wife in the much-anticipated, blockbuster-to-be opening tomorrow, and directed by Marc Forster (“Monster’s Ball”).

As Karin Lane, wife of Pitt’s Gerry Lane — UN investigator and reluctant hero (“Dude!” you want to say, “It’s a zombie apocalypse!”) — Enos is sidelined during the more cataclysmic encounters with the undead. Didn’t she want to kill more zombies?

“I guess so, but then I would have had to be face-to-face with them,” she said. “And even on set, they were played by these big, strong movement artist dudes, and they would run really fast. There’s a scene when a door opens and we don’t think they’re there, but they are, and that was really, really scary.”

Based on the novel “World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War,” by Max Brooks (son of Mel), “WWZ” gets down to business without as much as a blink: The Lanes and their daughters (Sterling Jerins, Abigail Hargrove) are driving home and they hit the kind of traffic jam that might only happen on the Long Island Expressway, minus (perhaps) the voracious, flesh-eating mutants dragging people from their cars. They barely escape the backup, and only escape the city because Gerry is the kind of guy who finds solutions by parachuting into crisis zones. The world has become a crisis zone. The UN sends a helicopter.

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