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March 3, 2013

Filmmakers want cause -- hunger -- to have 'A Place at the Table'


Agriculture Department policies and Congressional backing of subsidies to huge corn, wheat and soy producers means that processed food, the worst food for consumers, is cheaper. The film details how mall fruit growers and vegetable farmers don’t have “a place at the table” any more than the working poor. It shows how school breakfast and lunch programs have been slashed over the decades because they have little lobbying clout behind them.

“People wouldn’t believe it if we told these stories in a narrative film,” Jacobson says. “It’s happening in a country with plenty of money and plenty of food.”

Their first step was learning about the problem themselves. Jacobson says the second step was finishing the film, which shines a spotlight on an issue little discussed in public life.

“Our film will help with that,” she believes. “And if we’ve done our job, to be entertaining and be inspiring, you’ll want to get involved. “

And the third step? A national action center on hunger. The website connected with the film, www.take.com/table, “allows you to call your Congress people, volunteer at a food bank or whatever,” she says.

“If we make this an issue politicians have to respond to in order to get elected, if we can bring transparency to how they’re voting and who they’re listening to, we can make a difference,” she continues. “If we all take action, a conversation will start and we can move the ball on these policy issues that address hunger.”

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