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March 18, 2013

Jules Stewart works way out of daughter's shadow with 'K-11'


“She’s a very strong woman. She’s got a black belt, for God’s sake,” he said with a chuckle. “On my movies, she would come up to me and whisper, ‘Isn’t this scene really about so-and-so?’ She wasn’t just marking the tape and making people match. She was really more concerned with the big picture.”

“K-11” was initially supposed to feature Kristen Stewart, who was willing to take a supporting role in the picture even after she became a household name. Her mother — who co-wrote the movie with Jared Kurt — eagerly reworked the part, tailoring it to Kristen — but when the actress’ schedule became too hectic, she dropped out.

The role may have been a stretch for the tween star anyway. The film is set in a dormitory called K-11 that houses self-identified gay and transgender inmates in the L.A. Men’s Central Jail. The Sheriff’s Department began K-11 — real name: K6G — in 1985 in an effort to protect gay inmates from sexual and physical abuse.

Kurt actually spent time in the module and came to Jules Stewart to help him make a movie loosely based on his experience.

“You would think (it) would be really easy to get financiers if (Kristen) was attached, but it wasn’t,” Stewart said. “You can’t take (‘Twilight’s’) Bella Swan and put her in jail with a bunch of transvestites and expect people to go, ‘Oh yeah, no problem.’”

Still, “K-11” is trading on the actress’ name to promote the film. In emails to reporters, Jules Stewart is being touted as “more than just Kstew’s mom.”

In fact, “Youth in Revolt” star Portia Doubleday took on the part once envisioned for Kristen Stewart, joining a little-known cast that includes “E.R.” veteran Goran Visnjic and Stewart’s 27-year-old brother, Cameron, who makes his living as a grip and has his acting debut in “K-11.”

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