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December 30, 2012

2012 Pictures of the Year


The water also splashed onto the reporters who didn’t see it coming and got a bit upset as they tried to take notes. I’ve seen football coaches on TV get a “Gatorade bath,” but never had been this close to a high school coach getting one. POY ET TJE 5:

Fireworks spray from aboard the USS Wasp as she sails into Boston for the upcoming Navy week in June.

PHOTOGRAPHERS TAKE: I had just one photo assignment on this day, compared to my usual three to five. I was to fly on a helicopter out to the USS Wasp and photograph local military personal on the ship doing their jobs as it sailed in toward Boston for the upcoming Navy week. I made hundreds of photos of life aboard the ship. It was fun. And at the same time, it was work. Several members of the press were aboard.

After pulling into port, we waited as the ship was secured and tied to the docks. Fireworks started to go off and I walked along the deck trying to frame part of the ship with the fireworks.

I made several shots of the fireworks with parts of an aircraft that were tied down to the deck. I eventually got to the back of the ship and noticed several sailors just watching the show. I placed them at the bottom of the frame and the fireworks above them. I photographed the perfect end of a very long day for them and myself.

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