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December 30, 2012

52 paths to fitness: Small steps to a svelte goal


24. Create a private Daily Mug Shot account and commit to taking a picture of yourself every day in 2013. (Men go shirtless, women in a sports bra.) Take a spin through those photos when you need encouragement. And just imagine the photo gallery at year’s end.

25. Read fitness magazines that will inspire you with new workouts (and not depress you with ridiculously skinny models).

26. Scour the Web for fitness blogs written by people like you, and bookmark them. The next time you feel like skipping a workout, tap into that community for motivation.

27. Parents: You do more for your children than for yourself. Use that to your advantage! When you find yourself reaching for a doughnut, think of your kids: Do you want to saddle them with a morbidly obese, Type 2 diabetic mom or dad? That’s right. Step away from the doughnut.

28. Do some year-end, rear-end projections. If you slash your Oreo consumption in half from eight cookies a week to four, you’ll save more than 11,000 calories and lose nearly 4 pounds.

29. If you have a salad bar at work, use it. Bring a protein from home — grilled chicken, hard-boiled eggs, tuna — and drop it onto some salad bar greens.

30. Many people plan weekday meals and go wild over the weekend. Plan weekend meals too. If you are meeting friends for a celebratory dinner on Saturday night, make sure the rest of your weekend meals stick to your program.

31. Let co-workers take the elevator. You take the stairs. (Pretty soon they’ll be following you.)

32. Keep a food journal, but don’t beat yourself up about the findings. Instead, like a detective, use the journal to spot bad habits and find a way to gently correct them.

33. Do not skip meals. Ever. If you miss breakfast, there’s an extremely good chance you will end up overeating at some point during the day.

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