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December 30, 2012

52 paths to fitness: Small steps to a svelte goal


44. Sugar makes you want more sugar. That has nothing to do with self-control. You’re not weak. You’re human. And ask yourself: Do you want to control what you eat or do you want what you eat to control you?

45. Get mad. Get mad at all the ads that bombard you with enticements to eat and drink yourself silly. Get in the habit of noticing those cues, and come up with a mantra to silently repeat to yourself when you see them, such as, “I am not a billy goat. I don’t eat trash.”

46. What’s your favorite music? That’s what you should be working out to. Turn down the volume on the fitness DVD and work out to your own score.

47. If you don’t like running and weights, don’t do them. A perfectly good fitness regimen can revolve around yoga.

48. Would you like someone to scare you into eating fewer carbs? Read “Wheat Belly” by Dr. William Davis.

49. If you do a lot of casual or fast-food dining, read the calorie counts. Instant appetite suppressant.

50. If you tend to watch too much TV, make a deal with yourself: no screen time till the workout is done.

51. Consider your routines. How can you fit in some “flash fitness”? Can ride your bike to work one day a week? Get your fruits and vegetables during a long stroll around the farmers market? Park your car two blocks from the dry cleaners?

52. Realize that maybe the real reason you eat too much junk food is because … you’re normal.

Our lives are filled with more stresses and demands than ever. Sad but true, food is one enjoyable thing we can do for ourselves each day. Maybe the best resolution of all for 2013 is to find a healthy way to bring more joy into your life.

That one should be easy to keep!

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