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January 8, 2013

Jimmy Kimmel's move could shake up late night


As an interviewer, he’s the equal of Letterman, and superior to everyone else because he has a journalist’s instinct for the jugular, and for real news. He’s genuinely interested in getting something newsworthy out of his guests — even those guests (the cast of “Jersey Shore” last month) where there’s nothing worth getting out.

Starting Tuesday, he’ll also bring his own road-tested bag of tricks, such as “Kimmel’s Kartoons,” funniest YouTube clips, Unfriending Friends on Facebook, and many others that are already popular with fans. (The extremely randy “Superfluous Bleeps from the FCC” may not come along for this new 11:35 ride, but that’s not known for certain just yet.)

Asked — as he always is — during a phone call with a gaggle of reporters what changes he planned, he said: “I remember when I started doing the show, and people asked me what I was going to do and I had a lot of answers and almost none of those things turned out to be the case, because, just by experience and by figuring out what works, you wind up constantly changing your plan.

“There’s this idea that you need to broaden the show or make it more wholesome or something like that. And I think that’s a little bit out of date, that perception things have become so fragmented that you can continue doing the show that you’ve been doing.”

For “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” — the 11:35 edition — that may be just good.

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