EagleTribune.com, North Andover, MA

January 31, 2013

Uncorking the mystery of bottle tops

By Lars Trodson

---- — Randy Ullom, the winemaker from Kendall Jackson Winery, is one of the experts who weighed in on the infamous cork vs. screw-top discussion that used to define the difference between wines of quality and those of a lesser vintage.

Screw-tops, of course, were not associated with quality.

“A screw top is not as romantic as a cork,” Ullom said. “Screw-tops bring back memories of Boone’s Farm.”

Jessica Sutton, the wine rep from Vinilandia N.H., agrees.

“There is a romanticism removing the cork from the bottle, but it doesn’t make any sense any more,” she said.

Sutton pointed out that cork is largely grown in Portugal, Spain and Italy. To ship it out to other countries for the use in wines bottles only to have it shipped back doesn’t make much sense any more. Screw-tops also have a much lower rate of failure than corks.

“Nobody should be afraid of a wine with a screw top,” Sutton said.