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February 11, 2013

How did the stars react to nominations?

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Taylor Swift made a surprised face. Carly Rae Jepsen said she was “over the moon excited.” And all Frank Ocean could muster was a tweet saying, “Wow ...”

Here’s a look at how other Grammy nominees reacted:

“We weren’t expecting to get anything, but we thought that if we would, it would be for best new artist,” said Ed Sheeran, whose single “The A Team” is nominated for song of the year.

“I was on the tour bus and my cellphone was losing signal, but I was trying to text my manager throughout the nominations ... When he said we didn’t get best new artist, I thought, ‘Well, that’s OK then’ and forgot about it until we got to a place where I had a cell signal and all of a sudden about 40 messages of congratulations came through. It was shocking.”

“This is just incredible,” fun.’s Nate Ruess said backstage at the “Grammy Nominations Concert Live” in December, adding that his biggest worry of the night was simply being able to sing after struggling with vocal problems in the week leading up to the show. “I think it’s the culmination of the hard work that the three of us have put in, not only in this band, but in the other bands before that.”

Kelly Clarkson learned of her nominations while on tour in England, with her friends waking her up extra early to toast her with mimosas. “10 years later and still so excited!” she tweeted afterward.

“To get nominated by our peers is the coolest part of the whole deal,” said Alabama Shakes drummer Steve Johnson. “For them to recognize us as best new artist, that means a lot.”

“I think the new artist category (surprised me most),” said country singer Hunter Hayes backstage at the “Grammy Nominations Concert Live.” “To sort of wave the country flag in that category means a lot to me. There’s a lot of incredible music-makers in that category that I’m a fan of, and to be included is awesome.”

“There’s a lot of good people making music,” said The Lumineers’ Wesley Schultz, backstage at the “Grammy Nominations Concert Live.” “I think we feel pretty lucky to be recognized for any of this.”