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October 13, 2013

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---- — BAGGAGE CLAIM A flight attendant (Paula Patton) who fears being the only one in her family to remain single goes to great lengths to find a man who will marry her before her youngest sister ties the knot. 1 hr. 38 PG-13

BLUE JASMINE 3 stars. Cate Blanchett storms her way through the title role of Woody Allen’s pastiche-y melodrama, about a fallen socialite seeking refuge in her sister’s San Francisco flat. Lifted in chunks from “A Streetcar Named Desire,” and offering wincing blue-collar-type caricatures, the film is nonetheless a wonder — thanks to its star. With Alec Baldwin, Sally Hawkins and Bobby Cannavale, looking on in awe. 1 hr. 38 PG-13

CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS 2 3 stars. Intrepid and irrepressible young inventor Flint Lockwood has more problems with food in this charming animated sequel. With the voices of Bill Hader, Anna Faris, James Caan, and Will Forte. 1 hr. 35 PG

DON JON 3 stars. Joseph Gordon-Levitt writes, directs and stars in this tale of a North Jersey Lothario who has his whole life under control — including his addiction to porn. Enter Scarlett Johansson. If there’s a problem, it’s that just about everybody — Jon included — gets this close to caricature. R.

ELYSIUM 3 stars. Matt Damon is a 22nd century factory worker on a “diseased, polluted and vastly over-populated” Earth, trying to crash the gated community in the sky where the rich live in smug splendor. A rabble-rousing sci-fi allegory from the director of “District 9.” 1 hr. 49 R

ENOUGH SAID 4 stars. Julia Louis-Dreyfus and James Gandolfini (in his final leading role) are divorced parents, each with a college-bound daughter, who meet, date and take a real liking to each other. And then the trouble begins. A smart, funny movie for grown-ups from the hugely talented writer director Nicole Holofcener. 1 hr. 33 R

THE FAMILY 2 1/2 stars. The witness protection program secrets Brooklyn mobster Robert DeNiro and his family in France. Cultures clash and bullets fly in this oddly unsettling farce from Luc Besson. 1 hr. 50 R

GRAVITY 4 stars. A transcendent, zero-G tale of survival, with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney as orbiting astronauts caught in a debris storm — quite literally at the end of their tether. A technological marvel, and an emotional, spiritual and physical voyage of stratospheric suspense. 1 hr. 30 PG-13

HAUTE CUISINE 3 stars. A gastronomic must-see based on the true story of the woman who served as personal chef to French president Francois Mitterrand. Catherine Frot stars as the strong-willed, elegant, tiny bit nutty chef who engenders the wrath of the male-dominated Elysee Palace kitchen and who can — and does — wax rhapsodic about truffles. 1 hr. 35 PG-13

IN A WORLD ... 3 stars. Lake Bell wrote, directs and stars in this winning, off the wall comedy, set in the world of voice actors — an egomanical and neurotic Hollywood clan. With Demetri Martin, Fred Melamed, Rob Corddry and Ken Marino. 1 hr. 33 R

INEQUALITY FOR ALL 4 stars. A must-see documentary about America’s widening income gap and shrinking middle class. If a movie crammed front-to-back with bad news, woeful statistics, and glaring injustices can be considered inspiring, well, then, this one — starring the diminuitive but indefatigable economist and former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich — is that movie. PG

LEE DANIELS’ THE BUTLER 3 stars. Based on the true story of an African-American who served eight presidents, from Truman to Reagan, in the White House, with Forest Whitaker, full of dignity and humilty in the title role, as pivotal events in the history of the Civil Rights movement swirl all around him. With Oprah Winfrey, Cuba Gooding Jr. and David Oyelowo. 2 hrs. 12 PG-13

METALLICA THROUGH THE NEVER The thrash metal band releases a hybrid vanity film in IMAX 3D. It’s mostly close-up concert footage with a little Pink Floyd-like subplot thrown in. Unfortunately both are punishing to sit through. 1 hr. 34 R

THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES 2 stars. Discovering she has mysterious powers, a girl (Lily Collins) hooks up with her kindreds (Jamie Campbell Bower, Robert Sheehan and Robert Sheehan) to battle evil in all its gory guises. A slick but imitative Goth teen thriller. 2 hr. 10 PG-13

ONE DIRECTION: THIS IS US 3 stars. Being the world’s most popular boy band has a short shelf life. And Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam are making the most of theirs. Morgan Spurlock directed this lively documentary, a tribute to the boys’ irresistibility. 1 hr. 32 PG

PARKLAND 2 1/2 stars. A reconstruction of the assassination of John F. Kennedy and its aftermath, from the hospital where the President was rushed to, to the Dallas offices of the FBI where agents bungled and obfuscated. There are no heroes here, and no inspiration to be found. It’s history as existential despair. 1 hr. 33 PG-13

PLANES 1 star. Dusty the cropduster pursues his crazy dream of racing elite aircraft around the globe. Dane Cook, Stacy Keach and Brad Garrett lend their voices to a dismal kids’ film that exists mostly as an excuse for a toy line. 1 hr. 32 PG

PRISONERS 3 stars. In this grim and unsettling film, a father (Hugh Jackman) becomes convinced that a detective (Jake Gyllenhaal) isn’t doing enough to solve his daughter’s abduction. Powerful but not for the faint of heart. 2 hrs. 26 R

RIDDICK 2 stars. Vin Diesel reprises his role as the glowering space criminal, this time marooned on a lethal planet. Fun cast (Jordi Molla, Katee Sackhoff and Dave Bautista) and bountiful action, but absolutely no redeeming values. 1 hr. 59 R

RUNNER RUNNER 1 1/2 stars. Justin Timberlake is a Princeton grad student with a talent for algorithms, Ben Affleck is a broad-shouldered baddie who runs an Internet gambling operation out of Costa Rica. Stupefying generic crime stuff ensues. 1 hr. 31 PG-13

RUSH 3 1/2 stars. Ron Howard’s epic and exhilarating race-car miovie, about the legendary rivalry between 1970s Formula One champions James Hunt, a swaggering Brit, and Niki Lauda, a rigorously fussy Austrian. It’s a ride. 2 hrs. 03 R

SALINGER 2 1/2 stars. The ballyhooed documentary about the man who unleashed Holden Caulfield on the world, is, by turns, illuminating, exasperating, sloppy, redundant, a head-spinner and a headache. With celebrity talking heads who have no connection to J.D. Salinger other than they’ve read, and been moved, by his books. 2 hrs. 09 R

SHORT TERM 12 3 1/2 stars. A low-key, high-emotion indie set in a foster-care facility for at-risk teens, with a career-defining performance from Brie Larson as the supervisor who hides her own hurt with an outsized empathy. Full of heart and heartbreak, it’s also funny and inspired. 1 hr. 36 R

THE SPECTACULAR NOW 3 stars. A high school romance that feels genuine, and finds deep places to go, with Miles Teller as a freewheeling senior who surprises himself by falling for a shy and unlikely schoolmate, beautifully played by “The Descendants’” Shailene Woodley. 1 hr. 35 R

TERRAFERMA 3 stars. From Emanuele Crialese, director of “Respiro,” another tale set on the same rocky Sicilian island — about an old fisherman who defies the authorities and rescues, and then hides, an African refugee he pulled out of the water. A sun-splashed meditation on compassion, tradition, tolerance, generational change. 1 hr. 28 R

THANKS FOR SHARING 2 1/2 stars. A romantic comedy addiction movie, if such a thing can be, with Mark Ruffalo as a reformed sex addict, five years “sober,” who meets the girl he thinks could be the one to have a normal relationship with. Enter the snappy, sophisticated Gwyneth Paltrow. Other addicts (Tim Robbins, Josh Gad, Pink), circle the stars, bringing with them their own small triumphs and tales of woe. 1 hr. 52 R

WADJDA 3 1/2 stars. A charming first feature from female Saudi director Haifaa al-Mansour, about a rascally 10-year-old who covets a bicycle, even though girls are not supposed to ride bicycles — it’s undignified, inappropriate, in conservative Islamic culture, which is the culture all around her. PG (adult themes) — Steven Rea

THE WAY, WAY BACK 3 stars. Sly, richly modulated, emotionally engaging, and brutally honest, Oscar winners Nat Faxon and Jim Rash’s brilliantly cast coming of age dramedy is about Duncan, a geeky, awkward, alienated 14-year-old boy forced to spend summer vacation with his single mom (Toni Collette) and her new beau, an obnoxious, overbearing car salesman (Steve Carell). Duncan comes out of his shell when he befriends a local water park manager played with manic glee by Sam Rockwell. 1 hr. 43 PG-13

WE’RE THE MILLERS 2 1/2 stars. A pot dealer and a stripper — Jason Sudeikis and Jennifer Aniston — pose as an all-American, RV-driving couple, recruiting two misfit teens to play their kids so they can smuggle a huge shipment of marijuana across the Mexican border. Innocuously smutty, intermittently funny road comedy. R