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April 14, 2013

In theaters this week


THE IMPOSSIBLE 3 1/2 stars. A family caught in the unbelievable carnage of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami — unbelievable, but true — with Naomi Watts, Ewan McGregor and the remarkable young actor Tom Holland. A chilling, but thrilling account of survival, visceral and inspiring. 1 hr. 54 PG-13 (violence, profanity, adult themes)

JACK THE GIANT SLAYER 2 1/2 stars. Bryan (“X-Men”) Singer tackles the old fairy tale about a land of human-eating giants and the beanstalk that gets the young hero up there. In this case, to rescue a beautiful princess. Nicholas Hoult and Eleanor Tomlinson are the teenage heroes, Ewan McGregor is a valiant knight, and Stanley Tucci is the trusted royal advisor who turns out to be, well, villainous and vile. 1 hr. 54 PG-13 (slobbering ogres, violence, scares, adult themes)

JURASSIC PARK 3 stars. It’s back, and in 3-D. Steven Spielberg went for scary awe in this 1993 thriller about a theme park where biologically cloned dinosaurs run amok. Parents should think twice about taking their younger children, however: There’s fuel for nightmares here. 2 hrs. 07 PG-13 (dino-violence, body parts, kids in jeopardy)

LIKE SOMEONE IN LOVE 3 1/2 stars. Abbas Kiarostami ventures to Japan — only the second time the Iranian filmmaker has shot outside his homeland — for this mischievous, melancholy tale about a young prostitute and a learned old professor. It’s not about sex. But it is lovely. 1 hr. 49 No MPAA rating (adult themes)

LORE 3 1/2 stars. Five children, led by a strong-minded teenage girl, trek across Germany in the first days after the fall of the Third Reich. The siblings’ father was a Nazi officer, they have been taught to hate the Jews, and a chance encounter puts those teachings to the test. A fierce and powerful coming-of-age saga, about the trauma of war, about legacy, about collective guilt. 1 hr. 49 No MPAA rating (violence, sex, nudity, adult themes)

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