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February 15, 2013

Trip to Alaska … and salmon


Most families have a couple of large freezers to accommodate all the salmon, halibut, and game that is common eating in Alaska homes.

As far as seeing Alaska, we made daily car trips from morning to early evening, driving hundreds of miles each day seeing what we could of this beautiful state. I can say that pictures don’t do it justice; I discovered that to really appreciate its “special ness” is to see Alaska in person. Just a drive to Valdez is an incredible experience, with so much to see on the way that it is extraordinary.

Let me tell you t how my trip ended. On one of our drives, my Aunt had asked me to pick up a large cooler for her. When I was packing up to leave for the airport, she was filling this cooler with frozen salmon from her freezer, and when full she duct-taped it securely shut. She said that she was sending it home with me on the plane. I didn’t want to question her, but I am silently wondering what the airline will say when I want to take a big cooler of fish to Boston. We walked into Anchorage airport, and there were at least a dozen duct-taped coolers scattered about ready to be put on the plane. Apparently this was a common scene in this airport, checking in huge coolers filled with a little more than 50 pounds of frozen “Copper River Reds” king salmon, just caught that week on the Copper River. How great!

The flavor of natural, wild salmon is much richer, and very high in the omega-3’s that are so healthy for us, compared to farm raised.

Not too often do I see king red salmon in the supermarkets this far East, but I wish I did. Read the back labels on canned and frozen salmon, as it may be wild and from Alaska.

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