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July 26, 2013

Pat's Kitchen: A classic Creme Brulee


2. Using a propane torch, melt sugar by waving flame 4-6 inches from surface. “Burn” until no dry sugar is visible.


Hi Pat

A few years ago you had a recipe for a salad that was layered and had hard-boiled eggs in the middle. I made it once and brought it to a family barbecue. My daughters have asked me to make it again and I can’t find the recipe. If you know the one I mean any chance of getting another copy? Look forward to your recipes and I thank you in advance.

— Marilyn, Bradford

Dear Marilyn

That salad is called Wisconsin Layered Salad. It didn’t have a name other than layered salad when given to me by friends that live in Wisconsin, so that is what I have called it for the past 15 years or so. It makes a big salad so I have always used it to bring to parties. Like you, someone always remembers it and asks for the recipe. I am happy to send it to you.

— Pat

Dear Pat

I remember that you grilled a whole turkey once in your column. I am sorry now that I didn’t cut it out. Could you send me the directions on how you did it if it was on a gas grill not charcoal.

Thank you from my husband and myself.

— Will and Ann-marie

Dear Will and Annmarie

That was the first time I tried grilling a whole turkey and it did come out good. I also was using a gas grill.

What I think really helped was that I used a digital meat thermometer that enables you to close the grill and you can watch the dial to see when it is cooked without opening the cover too often. I have sent you the recipe which used a simple spice rub and I basted it with chicken stock a few times.

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