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April 22, 2013

For Olga Kurylenko, life after Bond just keeps getting better


Q. I’ve already seen photos of you and Tom Cruise posing together on the red carpet in Moscow just an hour ago. It must have been nice to be back in Mother Russia?

A. Not in this little dress (laughs). It was very cold.

Q. You were born there; you should be used to it.

A. This was cold for April, and I was dressed for Hollywood.

Q. Well, you and Tom seemed to work well together. How was he on the set?

A. Tom is so professional and generous. He takes cares of everybody on the set. You feel like you’re in good hands because he’s on top of everything. It’s a pleasure to work with someone who is so invested in everything he does. He never left the set to sit alone in his trailer. Even if someone else was working, he’d always be there for the other actor.

Q. I can’t think of two more different movies than “Oblivion” and “To The Wonder.” Does it seem that way to you?

A. They are so different. When I watch the two movies, it’s like I’m looking at two different people. I don’t recognize myself. Even my hair color is different. In “Oblivion,” my hair is dark brown. It looks almost black. In “To the Wonder,” I’m almost blond. The hair styles are so different that I look like completely different nationalities.

Q. How did you get the role in “To The Wonder?”

A. I was in Paris and a casting director came from London to audition French actresses. My agent rang me and asked if I’d like to go by and talk to the casting director. There wasn’t a script or dialogue. But it was a Terrence Malick movie so I said, “Sure.”

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