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April 20, 2014

'Haunted House 2's' Marlon Wayans is seriously funny


“When I go to my kids’ school, they are playing with everyone. Asian, black, white, mixed, gay. The world is no longer just black and white, it’s gray. You have kids committing suicide because they are scared to come out as gay. Don’t put that pressure on them. God loves us all, he made us all. Only God can judge us. I do not judge anyone. I don’t even judge Lord Jamar, I just loudly disagree with him.”

Marlon is too busy to fight with haters for long. He’s a comedian working on his craft. And right now, he’s in the middle of five projects. He’s writing a script that is very “Groundhog Day,” about a guy who wakes up naked in an elevator on his wedding day. He has to keep reliving the day until he gives his bride the wedding she deserves.

Marlon also has a new show coming this summer to TBS, “Funniest Wins,” a comedy competition. Then, there’s WhatTheFunny.com (www.whatthefunny.com), his urban comedy hub.

“It’s a place for us, a place for urban comedy, for me to make fun of the world with kid gloves on,” he says, adding that we should check out his nephew, Damon Wayans Jr., on the site.

And then there’s “A Haunted House 2,” which finds him in a new relationship, in a new house with the same old ghost.

“I’m not nervous,” he says about opening weekend. “I’m excited. It’s not just another movie, but it is just another movie. I love comedy, whether it is a big part or a little part or it is all on my shoulders. When I am in a movie, if it does bad, I can blame the director. But this is my movie, it’s on me. But when I see the audience see it and it’s based on my comedic instincts? That feels good.”

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