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November 21, 2012

'Life of Pi' one of year's most magical films


But more impressive than the story is how it is told, through truly impressive visuals and well-executed 3D. Capturing the natural world via completely unnatural digital production, the film still manages to look absolutely stunning. The sun reflects off the ocean water with grace, the waves have a rhythmic flow to them, and the sky is eye-popping and awe-inspiring.

Visually, “Life of Pi” captures the illustrative qualities of both nature and fantasy into something that most resembles a pop-up storybook I would read as a child. I was wowed.

“Life of Pi” has such a gorgeously delectable center, that it is reason enough to get through the terrible framing device that begins the film, and unfortunately also ends it. The film is at its best in silence, allowing the audience to fully embrace the movie for its painterly visual storytelling.

As a short film beginning right as Pi becomes lost at sea, “Life of Pi” may have been my favorite film of the year. Instead, it’s a memorable experience of unfortunate flaws, though certainly remains one of the more aesthetically-enriched digital productions I have seen this year.

Life of Pi 3 out of 4 Stars

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