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May 16, 2013


Viewers may have spent a few too many hours here, but at its best this hilarious 'mockumentary' taught us a lot about life at work


4. Don’t get mad, get quiet: When a conflict with a co-worker arises, instead of arguing with them, just “shun” them — a strategy Dwight Schrute used with Andy Bernard. “It’s an Amish technique,” Dwight explained. “It’s like slapping someone with silence.” Of course, he would “un-shun” Andy when he needed a favor, then “re-shun” him as needed.

5. Bosses can’t be overly needy: “The Office” was a textbook case of how not to manage employees. Among Michael’s many flaws was a pathological need to please everyone. “Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy: both,” he once said. “I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.”

6. It’s OK to have fun at work: We all could use a break from the 9-to-5 tedium, so what’s the harm in a little good-natured Dwight-vs.-Jim-style pranking? It’s probably best, though, to avoid embedding your co-worker’s stapler in Jell-O.


Who said intra-office relationships don’t work? Jim and Pam certainly dispelled that notion as they went from being flirty best pals to TV’s most adorable couple. Some highlights along the way:

1. Jim admits his love: With Pam and Roy’s wedding drawing near, Jim takes a big risk and finally tells Pam he loves her in the Season 2 finale. Pam initially backs away, saying he misinterpreted things between them. Oh, so awkward and tense. But his persistence pays off, and the two ultimately share a dramatic kiss. (“Casino Night”)

2. Pam spills her guts: After walking on hot coals during a company event, Pam’s courage surges. In front of everyone, she confesses her feelings to Jim, who now is dating Karen. Stunningly, she admits she called her wedding off because of Jim and says she misses her “best friend.” The ball is in his court. (“Beach Games”)

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