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May 22, 2013

Anne Heche gets back into TV on NBC's 'Save Me'


“She’s a really positive person. This connection that she has with God has filled her with the joy of life. And she wants to give it to everybody like a gift. Sometimes when you have that big of a gift, sometimes people don’t want it,” she says. “It doesn’t always work out perfectly for her, but she is really trying to figure it out in a positive way. And I love all that about her. She’s a total goofball, and so am I.”

Heche hopes the show will make people feel good when they watch it.

“God is something that I have confronted, questioned, dealt with, looked at, experienced, rejected, embraced my whole life. I’ve had a give and take with this God identity. And I think everybody has. I think everybody talks to God sometimes. I think everybody tries to figure God out,” Heche says.

“This is a story about a woman who’s dealing with that every single moment of her life, and wanting the best for everybody and wanting to use that experience of God to help people.

“So I hope that people feel like God’s out there helping them out. If you can find God in a friend, if you can find God in a smile of a stranger, it’s here you know? It’s here. We’re here to help each other out. And I hope people feel that from the show, even if it’s to make people laugh, who’s to say that laughter isn’t God?”

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