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July 26, 2013

Italy by way of New York

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According to mixologist Zach Wilks, one of the best parts about crafting drinks is the creativity that a bartender has. A drink can transcend standard bar fare with a fruity infusion or a unique liqueur addition. The possibilities are endless.

Wilks uses his own creative license by giving the classic American drink, the Manhattan, a twist. One of five drinks named after the boroughs of New York City, the Manhattan usually calls for whiskey (or bourbon), sweet vermouth and bitters.

As tribute to his Italian heritage, Wilks uses Italian amaretto instead of vermouth in this Sicilian Manhattan, giving the drink a more Italian flavor while maintaining the integrity of a classic American favorite.

Simply add bourbon, amaretto and 5 dashes of bitters to a glass of ice, making sure to measure exactly. Then, instead of shaking, stir the drink to make sure that it does not get too cold. After straining the drink into a coupe glass, add cherries (Wilks uses drunken cherries — whole fruits that have been soaked in bourbon) and enjoy!

Sicilian Manhattan


2 ounces bourbon

1 ounce Italian amoretto

5 dashes bitters

3 cherries soaked in bourbon

1 cup of ice


1. Add bourbon and amoretto to glass of ice. Measure exactly.

2. Add 5 dashes of bitters.

3. Stir with cocktail spoon for 30 seconds.

4. Strain into cocktail glass (coupe glass).

5. Add cherries and serve.

Recipe courtesy of Zach Wilks, wilksandwilson.com


Sub in amaretto for vermouth for Sicilian Manhattan