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October 21, 2012

Author and her dog battle cancer together


She noticed it in the shower: a thickness that wasn’t there four months before, just to the one side of her right breast. The first doctor she saw “didn’t like” the lump and neither did Rhyne because, in a case of near-déjà vu, her diagnosis was cancer, too.

Anyone who’s experienced chemotherapy knows that getting through it is a challenge. Chemo can sap your energy, zap your appearance and — in the case of “The Dog Lived (and So Will I)” — it can tap into your funny bone.

Author Teresa J. Rhyne had plenty of reason to whine throughout her cancer months; in fact, considering what she endured, readers could be forgiven for wondering how much one woman can handle. The good news is, Rhyne bears it with a grin that’s infectious. Her book is filled with have-to-laugh-or-you’d-cry moments and is refreshingly lacking in Poor-Me. That makes it readable, enjoyable and surprisingly supportive to cancer patients, both two-legged and four-legged.

Though there are parts of this book that might make the newly-diagnosed squirm, I think breast cancer survivors will surely appreciate the humor and strength found in this story. If you’ve beaten the Big C, then “The Dog Lived (and So Will I)” is definitely a book you’ll care to read.

Terri Schlichenmeyer reviews books for the Sunday Eagle-Tribune.

"The Dog Lived (and So Will I)" by Teresa J. Rhyne c.2012, Sourcebooks $14.99 / $16.99 Canada 288 pages

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