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February 17, 2013

Catch a flick, or catch some shut-eye. You decide.


Lay watchers aren’t alone. Professional movie-watchers fall victim, too.

One entertainment writer, who asked — for obvious reasons — that his name not be used, once fell asleep at an intimate screening for the 1994 satire “Pret-a-Porter,” sitting right next to the director, Robert Altman. And not just a few winks but a 45-minute power nap about 10 minutes in.

“I don’t think he noticed,” the writer laughed.

Count psychologist Jennifer Thomas, 43, in Greensboro, N.C., as a nap person outside of theaters and in. With four kids at home, she watches a lot on Netflix but gets out to the theater about once every three months.

Thomas decided to take in “Life of Pi” in 3-D on the recommendation of friends who enjoyed the book. In a rare moment of parenthood, Thomas was alone — in the dark, in a cushy seat.

“It was somewhere with the boat and the water and the lion, and they had settled into the story, and I just had this feeling that, ‘I’m just going to listen to the movie for a while and I’m just going to close my eyes,’” she recalled of her 15-minute break from the largely symbolic action.

The last movie nap for Thomas before that was “Platoon,” of all things. “I slept right through the last half of that movie and I was in high school,” she laughed.

Who among us hasn’t been there, at least once?

Collin Roberts of Manhattan has seen four of the nine films nominated for a best picture Oscar: “Argo,” ‘‘Beasts of the Southern Wild,” ‘‘Life of Pi” and “Lincoln,” the latter definitely not her thing but a favor to her husband.

“The soliloquies started. That was something I didn’t know about Lincoln, his tendency to give long-winded speeches at inappropriate times. The elderly lady next to me fell asleep and started snoring softly and before I knew it, I was nodding off, too,” she said.

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