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March 14, 2013

Spring in with veggies


Below I have shared some of the e-mails from readers who had some issues with baking bread. I know I learn from others’ experiences.

To all who are more experienced in baking bread, write me if you have any bread baking tips to share with us.



Hi Pat,

I just read your recipe for Whole Wheat Bread with Raisins and Walnuts in the Gloucester Daily Times. I was wondering if this recipe can be doubled without adjustments. Even though I’m an okay cook, I have never baked much. This recipe sounds tasty and I want to give it a try!



Hello Peter,

I have not doubled this recipe but most bread recipes are good to double, just follow the basics: Have your ingredients room temp, have the kitchen warm (for rising). If you are unsure about something, King Arthur Flour has a “baking hotline” where you can call for assistance, (855) 371-2253.

Have a good baking day,


Dear Pat,

I am going to bake some bread this weekend, but the last time I tried it the dough did not seem to rise very well. Has this happened to you, and do you have any suggestions?


Dear Cecile,

It has happened to me. There are a few things that could cause this: old yeast; water was too cool to activate the yeast or so hot that it killed the yeast; rising place too cool.

My mother had the greatest luck with her bread rising and I follow her “tricks.” For a nice, warm rising place with no drafts, she turned the oven on warm, opened the oven door, and set her bread to rise on a chair in front of door, but not right on top of it. She covered the bread with towels to keep drafts away. This has worked for us.

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