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November 1, 2013

Diet restrictions limit what to serve at party

Diet restrictions limit what to serve at party

Hi Pat,

I enjoy reading your recipes and weekly column in the newspaper very much. At this time in my life (a senior), I cannot eat and make a lot of your delicious recipes, so I just sigh and say, “remember when.” Nevertheless, I still enjoy reading your tips and recipes.

I have a real dilemma facing me. I am hosting a dinner for six people soon and thought it would be an easy thing to do. However, after I inquired if there were any allergies or foods someone cannot eat, I wasn’t expecting to have more than one person to accommodate! Two guests are diabetic, so I will have to be selective about the starches, sugars, and carbs.

One guest is pregnant and there are several foods she cannot have!

I thought a nice baked salmon would be fine to accommodate everyone, but the pregnant guest cannot have any type of fish.

Two guests are on a “healthy” eating program, and are limiting their intake of fats, sugars, non-whole grains, and red meat. And last but not least, one person is allergic to onions and mushrooms! I don’t know what to serve except a roast chicken!

Pat, do you have any ideas on what I can do for a menu? If it is chicken, do you have a really good recipe that does not involve creams, lots of cheese, canned soups, white potatoes and high carbohydrate side dishes?

I gave up on making an apple pie, or a nice dessert, because even if I added Splenda for the diabetics, the pregnant guest says she cannot have artificial sweeteners. Other than a fruit salad, have you got any ideas for me?

Hellllllllp Pat!”

Dede, Hampstead N.H.


After talking it over with Dede, my suggestions were pork tenderloin or Cornish game hens, and a dessert of poached pears with a ginger, walnut, and honey topping.

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