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June 9, 2013

A Beatles primer for children

Life wasn’t easy when John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr grew up. Their northern England town was “scruffy,” but the lads didn’t care much. They had their music and they had fun together, especially when they were coming up with a name for their band. They considered a lot of possibilities, but they eventually settled on calling themselves The Beatles, and that made them laugh.

In the new children’s book, “The Beatles Were Fab (and They were Funny),” by Kathleen Krull and Paul Brewer and illustrated by Stacy Innerst, you will find all sorts of facts like this to educate the younger set about this classic rock band.

In the first few years that The Beatles were together, they played “hundreds and hundreds of shows” in small clubs in England and Germany. That didn’t pay well, but it made them very popular and it gave them a chance to be silly.

Pretty soon, they got a recording contract and their first song went on the radio. It was followed by another and another, and fans screamed for more. The Beatles made a record that sold a million copies, and they stopped playing in small clubs. Instead, they played and sang in front of the Queen of England.

When one of their songs became a No. 1 hit in America, the band members naturally wanted to make their U.S. fans happy, so they came to New York. Three thousand people met The Beatles at the airport. Even more came to see them at TV studios, at the Hollywood Bowl, onstage in Denver and in Philadelphia. At some concerts, the fans screamed so loud that The Beatles couldn’t even hear themselves playing, they said.

Then, all too soon, it was over. By the time Beatlemania ended in 1970, John, Paul, George, and Ringo had recorded more than 200 hundred songs together.

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