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September 28, 2012

Pesto Egg Sandwich

Dinnertime favorite transformed into a breakfast treat

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Go to any breakfast place across the nation and you’ll find the standard bacon, egg and cheese sandwich.

Go to Maddie’s Bagel and Eatery in Salem, N.H., and you’ll find a sandwich that takes a dinnertime favorite, tomato and pesto, and transforms it into a new breakfast sandwich sure to top the classic bacon, egg and cheese.

It’s OK to be skeptical of a pesto breakfast sandwich, even owner Hale Cole-Tucker was uneasy of whether to serve it to his patrons. However, this pesto sandwich has become wildly popular amongst the customers as well as with Cole-Tucker himself.

Although the sandwich is made with simple everyday ingredients, they are all immediately transformed into a delicacy when combined. At Maddie’s they call it the “McBritt breakfast sandwich,” named after the member of the restaurant’s waitstaff who created it, “but you don’t have to call it that,” assures Cole-Tucker.

If you are making this at home, Cole-Tucker offers a serving suggestion: use a sourdough roll, rather than the ciabatta. Truly, any thick, chewy bread will do the sandwich justice. You just need to find a bread hearty enough to suit all of the bold flavors held within.


Pesto Egg Breakfast Sandwich


1 ciabatta roll

1 egg

2 slices tomato

1/2 cup spinach

2 tablespoons pesto

Salt and pepper to taste


1. Begin to grill the bread.

2. Crack the egg onto a hot skillet.


Grill spinach and tomatoes for a few minutes only.

4. Break the yolk and flip the egg if desired.

5. Spread pesto onto the ciabatta roll

6. Place egg, spinach and tomato on the bread.

7. Salt and pepper to taste.


Recipe courtesy of Hale Cole-Tucker, owner of Maddie’s Bagel and Eatery, Salem N.H., 2012.