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December 27, 2013

'Merry Christmas to three precious children'

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Today’s donors:

In loving memory of our foster parents, Ernest and Edna Abbott, from Ed and Phil Capodilupo $100

In memory of Mom and Dad and departed friends. Merry Christmas. Ted $25

Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday season. From Physical Sciences Inc. ..........................................$561

Christian Fellowship Church of the Merrimack Valley $100

Merrimack Valley People for Peace $25

Merry Christmas to everyone!............................$50

For those less fortunate, James and Beverly Bradley ................................................$50

John Berryman $20

Daigle Engineers Inc. $125

In memory of Jack O’Donnell from Ruth O’Donnell $50

Thanks, St. Anthony $10

In loving memory of our parents, Sam and Evelyn Rigoli, from Joey and JoAnn $25

In loving memory of our departed family members and friends. From George, Nancy and Andrew Feole $50

In memory of all my relatives and friends who are deceased. From Pauline Raymond $25

In memory of Charles R. Dobeck. You are missed. From Justine and Helen $25

The Depiano Family Fund $100

In memory of Mary Ellen (Dennehy) Casey, from Bob, Ann and Sean Casey, formerly of Bradford $100

In loving memory of my Papa, Gus D’Angelo. Love, John Pacheco $10

Ellie Kelly $5

In loving memory of Ralph C. Woodside. We miss you, Dad. From Marilyn and Richard Cotoia $25

In memory of our wonderful parents, Sarah and Frank Moran, whom we miss very much, and Auntie Josie, Sam Incropera and all our Coco uncles and departed family members. Sadly missed by Peggy, Carol Ann and Kathy $25

In memory of Farrell F. Moran, who has been 30 years in Heaven looking down on us, from 12/18/83 to 12/18/13. We will never forget your good nature and loving ways. Sadly missed by his entire family. From Margaret Fitzgerald $25

For my family $100

Merry Christmas to Family and Friends. Have a blessed Christmas and a Healthy and Happy New Year. I love you all $30

In loving memory of our mothers, Zofia Bak and Sylvia Riese $50

In memory of Charise Wholley and John Wholley. Merry Christmas! The Wholley Family $100

Bogumila Arabudzki $40

Michelle and Stephen Alessi $50

Merry Christmas from Stuart and Barbara MacIntire $300

In memory of our parents, George and Lily Lees and Mary McAlea, from Ray and Gerry $50

Merry Christmas. Dot and Ed Fortuna $50

In loving memory of Kristen Abreu. We miss you. From Callahan Transportation $100

In memory of Fredi, Walter, Aunt Joy, Jenny, Dot, Mike B, Lou Babe, Joey D, Terry, Betty J. Phillip, Mrs. Laskey, Phil, Cathy B’s mom, Ricky’s mom and all who are not with us this holiday season! Love, Joy and Rocco $300

In loving memory of Lucky, Maggie, Misty, Moonlight, Munchkin, Molly, Alfie, Pepsi, OJ and Star, beloved pets, always missed. From Nan S. Roberts $25

In loving memory of my old friends, Bobby Pappalardo and John H. Banks III. Blessed to have known both of you, forever missed. From Nan S. Roberts $25

In loving memory of my parents, Mary T. and Alvin A. Roberts. You taught us the true meaning of Christmas. Loving and missing you always. From your daughter, Nan S. Roberts $50

May the joy of Christmas last all year. From the Junior Hibernians Division 8, Lawrence $65

Peace on Earth. From Marjoire Goodwin $25

In memory of Bob Masera. He will be missed. From Bob and JoAnn Henderson $25

In memory of Aunts Margaret, Sadie, Victoria, Jeanette; Ma and Dad Grant, Ma and Dad Henderson and Bonnie. From Bob and JoAnn Henderson $25

In memory of my father, Daniel J. DeSantis, and his immediate family members. From Daniel M. DeSantis $50

In memory of Bob Phinney $100

Donald and Barbara Fogg $50

In loving memory of the Pappalardo and Robichaud families, from Vinnie and Arthur $30

In memory of my brothers and sister, from Natalie Codin $50

Peace on earth. From Bob and Christine Weston $100

Blessings of the “Prince of Peace” from Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Brien $20

Remembering Mrs. Ursala Butler, who brought the magic of the first Christmas to two generations of our family, from Al and Kathy Manzi $50

In memory of Marilyn Dowd and Beatrice Richards, from Harry Richards $50

In celebration of Teaghan’s first Christmas. Love, Gigi $50

In memory of Calvin Deyermond, who loved Christmas. From Marilyn Deyermond $5

In memory of the Killen, Davis, Dushame, Deyermond families. We miss those we’ve lost, especially at this time. Marilyn Deyermond $5

In loving memory of my sister, Evelyn Adams, from her sister, Charlotte Pelletier $5

God bless my Eagle-Tribune co-workers present, past and dearly departed. Voge $100

Kent and Warrene Andiorio $35

Sadly missed by her sister, Ferolyn L. Smith. I miss you so much. Hope Paul is with you now. Love Ya! $10

In honor of the Sacred Heart, St. Jude, St. Anthony and our Blessed Mother. From Mrs. Gerald Miele $25

Merry Christmas to three precious children, Antonio, Adriana and Joseph. You made me smile again. Love, Auntie Margie $25

In loving memory of all deceased members of the Miele, Vallante and D’Agostino families, especially dear Auntie Lee, Uncle Carmen, Uncle Sam C., Alfred Caron and William Depardo, from Mrs. Gerald Miele $25

In loving memory of my dear in-laws, Mr. and Mrs. Gennaro Miele and Paul Miele. So sadly missed. From Mrs. Gerald Miele $25

In memory of my dear beloved parents, Eugene and Pasquelina, and my dear brother Pat. You all hold a special place in my heart and are missed beyond words. From Mrs. Gerald Miele $25

In loving memory of my beloved husband Jerry. If kisses were snowflakes, I’d send you a blizzard. Your baby always, Margie $25

Today’s total: $3,801

Total to date: $107,943