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November 10, 2013

Golf training for all seasons goes high-tech at Atkinson

By Hector Longo

---- — ATKINSON — Sure, it’s November.

Winter is coming, and unless you’re prayers of milder times come through or you’re heading somewhere South, the golf clubs get put away one of these days.

The folks over at the Willowcreek Academy at Atkinson Country Club think you might want to change those winter plans and give them a shot.

Your game could depend on it.

Willowcreek, located at the far end of Atkinson’s range -- opposite the main parking lot and clubhouse building, has rapidly grown into one of the top teaching facilities in the region.

Part of it is the pros running the shop — Wayne Swanson and the staff at Willowcreek take pride in their work. There’s also the facility, an all-weather, indoor-outdoor playing palace with everything to fit your game’s needs.

But the final decisive factor setting Willowcreek apart has to be its technological advances in the game.

Most recently, Willowcreek added the V1 Video Analysis software, a four-camera system that turned the 10,000 square foot facility into a part-time golf, part time studio.

“We’re allowed with this software to show the player his or her swing in real time, make the adjustments they need to work on and allow them through the video system to take those adjustments home to work with them anytime,” said Swanson, one of three pros currently teaching out of Willowcreek.

The V1 system, which is also used at Windham Country Club as well, captures the player’s swing from all sides and angles.

With a video telestrator, the instructor can actually show a player where he/she is missing and needs to be in the swing, within seconds.

“When a player actually gets to visualize his mistakes and understand what’s wrong with the swing, it makes fixing the problem that much easier,” said Swanson.

For information on lessons or classes during the winter at Willowcreek Academy, you can contact Swanson or any of the other pros there at 603-362-8700. They are also on Twitter: @WCGAgolf.

Willowcreek’s indoor studios open to the amazing range. The bays also work with netting, making them completely indoors in the harshest of weather.

The Academy, which is all about teaching, is also apart from the four indoor golf bays that are located at the Merrill’s Tavern in the main clubhouse building.

“Winter is a great time to advance your game, while your friends and playing partners aren’t,” said Atkinson Director of golf Peter Doherty. “There are individual and group programs that start soon that not only are a lot of fun, they’ll help make you better when it counts and the weather gets warm again.”