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November 2, 2012

Patron, bar facing discipline after British Club fight

By Jill Harmacinski jharmacinski@eagletribune.com
The Eagle-Tribune

---- — LAWRENCE — A North Andover man is facing felony assault and battery charges for allegedly repeatedly kicking another man in the head, resulting in facial fractures, during a fight in the parking lot of the British Club.

The 12:30 a.m. incident on Sunday, Oct. 21, which left Timothy Campolini with a fractured right eye socket and broken right cheekbone, was not immediately reported to police, according to a report released yesterday.

Lt. Shawn Conway, the licensing board investigator, found out about the fight between James Dion and Campolini after receiving a tip on his police department voice mail 16 hours after the fight occurred, according to his report.

As a result of his investigation, Conway issued a summons to Dion, 45, of 24 Francis St., North Andover for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, a shod foot. If Campolini suffers any permanent scars or disfigurements, Dion could also be charged with mayhem, according to Conway’s report.

The matter will now go before a clerk magistrate for a hearing. If the clerk determines evidence of a crime exists, Dion will be formally arraigned in Lawrence District Court.

Also, the British Club will be required to go before the city’s licensing board for a hearing “for failing to contact the police about this incident,” Conway wrote.

Police Chief John Romero stressed all clubs must notify police when a crime occurs on their premises.

“We hold all clubs’ feet to the fire ... private or otherwise,” Romero said. “They have a responsibility to let us know when things happen.”

Campolini, 46, of 81 Everett St., who was undergoing treatment at a Boston hospital yesterday, declined comment for this story.

After receiving the tip about the fight, Conway went to the British Club at 88 Cambridge St. and in the south parking lot “found a large area of what I believed to be pooled dried blood in the parking lot.” Conway also spoke with Frank Rossi, British Club president, and Bruce Fielding, treasurer. Neither were at the club that night but both knew Dion and Campolini were in a fight, according to Conway’s report.

Conway then interviewed Campolini, whose face was black and blue, swollen and one eye was all red, he wrote. “The entire area of the right side of the head and face were effected,” Conway wrote.

Campolini said he’d gone to the British Club for last call with his brother-in-law that morning. In the parking lot, Campolini said he looked up and Dion was running toward him. Campolini said he “put his hands up to protect himself and then took a swing at Dion and missed and then fell to the ground,” according to the report.

Campolini said he then saw Dion getting ready to kick him and he felt “a sharp pain” to the right side of his face. Campolini said he then blacked out. Campolini said he didn’t immediately go to the hospital because he didn’t have medical insurance. “I advised him to seek medical treatment,” Conway wrote.

British Club bartender David Woolworth told Conway he saw Dion kick Campolini in head “at least three times” while Campolini was on the ground. Dion was wearing work boots, according to Woolworth.

When Conway asked Woolworth why he didn’t call police, he said he didn’t want to get the club in trouble.

“I advised him it’s his job to protect customers and that by not calling the police he was jeopardizing the club’s license,” Conway wrote.

Dion and Campolini had lingering tension after an argument two to three months ago, Conway wrote.

Dion could not be reached for comment for this story. Conway met with Dion, read him his Miranda rights and tried to ask him questions about the fight. Dion refused, saying he want to contact his lawyer, however.

Conway warned him he was barred from visiting the British Club and also advised him to have no contact with Campolini or he would be charged with intimidation of a witness.

Frank Rossi, British Club president, declined comment for this story when reached yesterday.

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