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October 5, 2013

Massachusetts Real Estate Transfers

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — ANDOVER

197 Andover St: Dennis V. Sawyer and Robert G. Roy to Peter J. and Kathryn A. Mahoney, $435,000

25 Bobby Jones Dr Unit 25: Janet C. Regan to Robert W. and Courtney Merklinger, $885,000

9 Charlotte Dr: Jay D. and Susan L. Costello to Carlos W. and Karen G. Soto, $598,000

11 Locke St: JBD RT and Joseph B. Doherty to Steven and Melissa Hilts, $1,300,000

77 Lovejoy Rd: Gail E. Betterman and Gail E. Feinman to Duncan W. and Julie E. Bosworth, $705,000

7 Muirfield Cir Unit 2-1: CA INT and Yvon Cormier to Richard T. and Martha A. Hyslip, $1,210,000

62 North St: Tremblay Emile J Est and Robert H. Minasian to 62 North Street LLC, $250,000

88 Rattlesnake Hill Rd: Tristan and Caron Lewis to David W. and Rachel Scott, $463,150

198 River Rd: Dirk H. and Nancy A. Giesberger to Timothy J. and Sherrie Clark, $639,000

11 Sherry Dr: Rajiv and Shuchi Chawla to Jonathan A. and Audrey F. Falk, $475,000

2 Sweetbriar Ln: Herbert R. and Ruth G. Muller to Paul D. Grearson and Diane L. Crabtree, $520,000


47-b Dana Rd: Nicholas A. and Diane G. Lopardo to Martha and John Humphreys, $2,100,000

37 Glen Forest Dr: J Tremblay Constr Inc to Gregory T. and Megan G. Gagne, $435,500

35 King George Dr: Donald Bumiller and Marya Decarlen to Jermaine and Tallana Wiggins, $533,000

114-b Spofford Rd: Stephen and Sandra M. Mccarty to John S. Quinn and Maryan L. Decarlen, $525,000

167 Washington St: Francisco Trilla to Dennis and Katherine M. Pyburn, $510,000

266 Washington St: Stone House Farm RT and James H. Nason to Peter R. Houston and Allison B. Crabtree, $165,000


4 Beaver Brook Ln: Fadden Robert J Est and Donna L. Campbell to Valery and Jean F. Larose, $250,000

82 Black Oak Ln: Robert J. and Virginia Lloyd to Francis J. and Christy Gorman, $350,000

21 F St: Bank Of New York Mellon to C&L Renovated Homes LLC, $190,000

105 Lafond Ln Unit 1: Robert Bentham to Samuel Fernandez, $136,500

4-6 Mill St: John J. and Kathleen F. Dillon to Jonathan Cricones, $188,000

8 Natures Way: Peters Pond RT and Peter L. Pappas to Tiger RT, $487,000

215 Passaconaway Dr: Sherril A. Katsaros to Timothy and Thomas Grover, $225,500

1 Pleasant St: Lily G. Kinghorn to James J. Jozokos and Mary J. Flynn, $125,000

277 Sladen St: Hollie Brayton to Laurelee Langan, $319,900

51 Tobey Rd Unit 45: Pamela L. Picano to Mark R. and Megan Lanoue, $164,500

15 Wildwood St Unit B19: Christopher T. Claeke to James R. Malone and L R. Tyler-Malone, $62,000


4 West St: Andrew S. and Jillian A. Belliveau to Stephen and Leah King, $426,100


61 Adams St: 61 Adams Street PT and Joseph Dufour to Michael J. Soto-Mendigorin, $310,000

9 Arch Ave: Milagros Nunez to Alvin Reyes and Alexandra Taveras, $299,000

79-81 Blossom St: 2012 LLC to Thomas J. Smith, $229,900

169 Brandy Brow Rd: Jacob Y. and Pamela SanAntonio to Frank E. and Melissa L. Crowley, $362,500

27 Broadway: Katherine Reyes to Jose Vaquerano, $250,000

100 E Broadway: Maryann Pascucci to Jonathan C. Elia, $225,000

386 Hilldale Ave: Francis X. Gallant to Adam J. Howes, $160,000

82 Kenoza St: Jeffrey and Marguerite Decoteau to James Malveira, $255,500

70 Lansing Ave: Deborah A. Thompson to Richard N. and Dona M. Labrecque, $270,000

5 Myles Standish Dr Unit 11: 5-11 Myles Standish Dr RT and John F. Murphy to Alice M. and Fritz F. Diegisser, $90,000

11 Perkins Ct Unit 11: Robert A. and Gina Vega to Robert J. Karcz and Linda A. Karez, $208,900

26 Ringgold St: Julie and Leonard Angelo to Heather Riley, $265,000

51 Snow Rd: Gregory P. Poor to Paul Puorro, $394,000

132 W Meadow Rd Unit 19: Kelley M. Kirkpatrick to Gregg E. Cote, $164,900


257-259 Bailey St: Pual K. Blanchette to Maria A. Mercedes and Cruz D. Gonzalez, $279,000

2-6 Bunkerhill St: Glenny B. Lara to Jonathan Lopez, $250,000

76-78 Center St: Alvania A. Lopez to Luis Castillo, $255,000

59-61 Dracut St: Kenneth D. Field to Ruben D. Perez, $269,900

44 Durham St: Linda A. Karez and Robert J. Karcz to Jose A. and Sandra E. Delcid, $175,000

28 Garfield St: LLB Construction Inc to Patricio Hernandez, $219,900

87-89 Greenwood St: Yris Catalina to Irene A. Tamariz, $237,500

555 Haverhill St: Lou Ann C. and Kevin P. Clement to Joan E. Javier, $210,000

2 Home St Unit 2: Deustche Bank Natl T Co to Fenix A. Recio, $70,000

62-64 Juniper St: Ariel LLC to Jose Alcantara and Argentina M. Dealcantara, $280,000

20 Knox St Unit 10: Mary Owens to Nidia I. and Nydia I. Canino, $52,900

36 Montgomery St: Carolyn R. Compton to Sixto R. Fortuna, $175,000

8 Oakland Rd: Morin Margaret Est and Thomas Purcell to Yasmin Salazar and Jose A. Cruz, $215,000

2 Roberta Ln: Steven and Kimberly Matthes to Flaubert Y. and Stephanie Perez, $236,900

30 Shaw St: Ruth Rodriguez and Hugo Robles to Joaquina Martinez, $180,000

109-111 Spruce St: Priscilla Soto to Wysnar A. Marte, $110,000

66 Warren St: Amy Tyczynski to Dionicia Yens, $202,000

137 Water St: Francisco A. Lazala to Angel L. Cruz, $95,000


82 Arnold St: Barbara A. Cubelli to Wayne F. Couture, $218,000

24 Dale St: Brian J. and Paula L. Blaney to Jennifer L. Caron, $255,000

489-491 Lowell St: Hector StOnge FT and Dolores Conley to John P. and Sharlene P. Pelletier, $310,000

46 Pleasant St: 46 Pleasant Street RT and Bruce Ganem to Topnotch Homes LLC, $385,000

7-9 Plymouth Ter: Harry Real Estate LLC to Gersson J. Ramos, $319,900

46 Temple Dr: 46 Temple Drive RT and Wendy S. Mccorry to Ralph J. and Ellen L. Dellagrotte, $330,000


8 Bucklin Rd: Sherry T. and Emil Fu to Saket Sankhla, $320,000

490 Chestnut St: James R. and Kim H. Hughes to Scott E. and Kristine A. Havemeyer, $565,000

42 Fernview Ave Unit 2: Andrew Beresford to Dana P. and Theresa Schmitz, $149,000

53-55 Fernview Ave Unit 55fv8: FNMA to Katherine Garcia, $100,000

119 High St: Avatar Financial Services to Utopia Remodeling Grp LLC, $235,000

68 Jefferson St Unit B: Maki Shibuata to Zachary and James M. Coskren, $85,000

146 Johnson St: Vincent J. and Regina M. Carusi to Kevin M. and Emily M. Smith, $608,400

54 Long Pasture Rd: Stephen P. and Lisa R. Crowley to Elvino M. and Lasalete C. Dasilveira, $830,000

14 Lorraine Ave: Breenmore RT and Peter R. Breen to David A. and Brenda Kindred, $200,000

2 Mill Pond: Eugene G. Ruane to David and Margaret Riccio, $225,500

52 Olympic Ln: Sayana Assets Inv LLC to Jason R. and Connie S. Chin, $500,000

110 Russett Ln: Joseph P. and Barbara Morra to North Birch Props LLC, $272,500

250 S Bradford St: Ricardo C. Dancel and Minerva T. Domingo to Elizabeth M. Nadeau, $573,900

320 Stevens St: Richard D. and Johanna M. Webster to Peter J. and Susan M. Boynton, $725,000

2130 Turnpike St: Stephen M. Smolak to Katherine and Bennett Pawlusiak, $385,000


32 Anthony Rd: William P. and Barbara A. Wohlfarth to Scott W. and Eileen Mcdaniel, $285,000

1 Greenbriar Dr Unit 107: Greenbriar Drive RT and Ronald M. Jedraszek to Philip Mcguire, $114,000

26 Lakeside Blvd: Arthur L. and Marsha E. Pierce to Eric D. and Kimberly A. Saunders, $297,000

21 Macarthur Rd: Lily Cochrane Rd LLC to Bryan P. and Patricia A. Strohman, $565,100

340 Main St: Daniel and Priscilla Payne to 340 Main Street LLC, $375,000

5 Navillus Rd Unit 4: Chimney Hill RE LLC to Gurjinder S. Gill and Sharanjot Mann, $579,500

4 Samuel Phelps Way: Glen S. Mckay and Danielle M. Corsino to Bogdan Antonescu and Diana Caragacianu, $950,000

23 Shore Rd: Richard J. and Barbara M. Madison to John R. and Laura R. Wright, $473,000

2 Strawberry Ln: Chimney Hill RE LLC to Edward J. and Janet F. Boudreau, $756,300

1 Ten Rod Way: Herrick Development LLC to Garret P. Hurley, $770,000


11 Beach Rd: Jason J. Burke to Anthony Huang and Xiaoyn Wang, $313,000

111 Beach Rd Unit 3: Michael S. Tinkham and FNMA to FNMA, $220,332

55 Elm St: 55 Elm Street NT and Andre W. Marion to Stefanie Paul, $131,000

40 Locust St: Steven T. Kenney to William H. and Margaret M. James, $347,000

25 Meaders Ln: Sherry C. Volpone to John J. and Claire M. Gobiel, $318,250