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December 7, 2013

'Merry Christmas to all my great teachers at TRHS'

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In honor of Larry P’s 80th Birthday! Love, Lynn, Lori, Bryan, Lee Martin and spouses. Merry Christmas. Enjoy the spirit of the season! $100

For those who believe in Santa Claus, Anonymous $100

Merry Christmas to all my great teachers at TRHS, Mrs. Burgos, Mrs. Nulk, Mrs. Holly, Mrs. White, Ms. Hill, Mrs. Woodard, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Foley, Mrs. Bukowski, Mrs. Mealey, Mr. Schoenenberer and Mr. Laird. You’re the best, Harry Shields $50

In memory of Baron, M.B.B. $100

James Adams $100

In memory of our parents, Ruth and Mac Howard and Margaret. Merry Christmas. From Judy and Al $100

Merry Christmas. From Ed, Pam, Jaslyn and Amanda Saab $200

Anonymous $25

Lawrence General Medical Staff $1,000

In loving memory of our mother, Mary Austin Scanlon, from Rita and Skeets $100

In loving memory of James Boyce and Mary Dunbar and sister Ann Dunbar Reagan. From Saul, Sarah Goldberg and children $100

In loving memory of my husband Jim, my parents, Bill and Elsie Taylor, and my sister, Shirley Taylor Fountain, from Joan Manning $100

Happy Holidays to all, from Hannah and Matthew $30

With thanks to our STA School Board members and dedicated volunteers for their many hours of time and talent providing all the “extras” for our school community. We wish all them a Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year! STA School Faculty and Staff $100

In loving memory of Joseph and Eva Mansour. Rest in Peace. From Joseph Mansour $100

In loving memory of Kevin Michael Scanlon. You are not forgotten. Love, Dad, KellyAnne, Timmy, Sharon and Maureen $100

In lieu of Christmas cards, in loving memory of Don Guerin, Ma and Dad Spatola, Mom and Dad Guerin, grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. We miss you all. From Barbara Guerin and Richard Spatola $25

Merry Christmas, from Ron and Lynda Parisi $25

In memory of my four-legged friends, Lola, Rudy, Buddy and Rudy. Love Grandma B $300

In memory of Gertrude Lombardo, from Lucille Naronan $5

Ferolyn L. Dinsmore, mother, sadly missed by her daughters Meredith Wysockie and Ferolyn L. Smith $10

Juanita Clemons, sadly missed by her sisters Meredith Wysockie and Ferolyn L. Smith. $10

Happy Holidays. From the DeFeo family, Anthony, Anthony II, Michele and Allan, Tanya and Dave, Gary, Aiden and Madison and Taylor $25

In loving memory of William D. Cox and Joseph L. Cox. $100

In memory of Richard Gladstone. Happy Holidays. The Gladstone Family $50

In memory of two good men, Robert Allen and Joseph Doherty, from Christopher Doherty $500

In memory of loved ones. From Donna Mackey $25

In memory of our son Paul. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to relatives and friends. From Roy and Marcelle Marceau $100

In loving memory of John J. Costa. We all miss you. Martha, Sara, Kim, Janet, Jon, Jennifer, along with their spouses, grandchildren and other family members and many friends. $150

In loving memory of my dear husband. Love forever, Jim, from Lorraine $50

In loving memory of our son Christopher, from Mom and Dad $25

Thank you St. Jude for prayers answered. M.A.F $50

In memory of our wonderful Dad and Grandpa, James Dempsey. We love and miss you. From Brian, Julie, Ryan, Tyler and Brittany $50

In memory of Kay Morin, Bev Newberry and baby PJ, from Rich and Maureen Morin $50

To all my dear friends, from Barbara $15

In loving memory of Bob and Mary Burke, from Mimi and Dick Harrington $50

Today’s total: $4,020

Total to date: $49,591