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December 22, 2012

'In memory of Pfc. Evan W. O'Neill ... killed in action'

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In memory of two of America’s very best, U.S. Army Spc.4 Francis Doezema, awarded the Distinguished Service Cross,and USMC Gsgy. George Kendall, awarded the Silver Star, both killed in action at Hue, Republic of Vietnam, in February of 1968. Gone but never forgotten. John Doherty $100

In memory of US Army Pfc. Evan W. O’Neill, Alpha Company. First Battalion, 87th Mountain Infantry Regiment. Killed in action September 2003 at Shkin, Afghanistan, while saving 22 members of his platoon. He willingly gave his life so that others could live. No man could ever do more. John D $50

In lieu of Christmas cards. Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and blessed holiday season. God Bless, Beatrice Pitochelli $25

Anonymous $25

Merry Christmas! Thank you to all who bought a cookie or an ornament so we would be able to make this donation! From Mrs. Winter’s and Ms. Tirone’s classes at the Robert Frost Elementary School $125

In loving memory of Joanne E. Isherwood, beloved wife and mother. Sadly missed each day, but forever in our hearts. Merry Christmas. The Isherwood family $100

Best Christmas Wishes from Sarah and Matt $25

In loving memory of our mother Marilyn Cusano. We miss You!!! Love, Michael and Melissa $50

James Adams $100

Charles G. Pringle Foundation $2,500

Janet and Robert Begin $50

Merry Christmas from Barbara and Stuart $300

In loving memory of Anthony and Thomas Spada, from Vincent Spada $50

Peace and joy to all! $25

In memory of Aunty Betty, from the Crowes $25

John, Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas to you and all the deceased members of the Grasso and Hajj families. Love and prayers Emily $25

In loving memory of the deceased members of the Jacobson and Ohanian families, always in our hearts, from Walter and Maryann $20

In memory of loved ones, from Judy and Larry Smith $25

In loving memory of our beloved Rossy, Killy and Foo, from Sharon McGhee $10

In loving memory of Rossy, Killy and Foo, from Sharon McGhee $5

In memory of all our deceased member William R. Dewhirst Jr. Post 7366 VFW Groveland, Mass., $50

‘Remembering” Louis Sr., Louis Jr. and Patrick, “miss you” Ma $50

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Byron $50

In loving memory of Fred, Wayne and Stephen Gotto. Love, Gerri $20

In memory of all the lives lost in Newtown, Ct., from Dick and Chris St. Jean $100

From Joyce and Paul Beauchesne, thanks Rich and Jan $20

Thank you dear Lord blessed mother, Fr. Stanislaus, St. Jude, Sacred Heart of Jesus, Fr. Peregrine, St. Lucy, St. Therese, St. Otilia for favors received throughout the year. Love, M.P.C. $5

In loving memory of both my parents, Robert and Bernice Demant, friend Kathy Cherry, from Esther Jeffrey $10

Merry Christmas from the North Andover Middle School kitchen staff. $55

In memory of Richard Kosmeh. I wish my relatives and friends a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Love, Val and Lisa Kosmeh $25

In loving memory of Aunty Carol Beliveau. Love your niece Linda $10

In loving memory of Alan Anselmi and deceased members of the Anselmi and Pare families. Love, the Terrio’s $25

To honor St. Therese. LC $22

In memory of two wonderful friends who always made me laugh, Rita Fitzgibbons Gordon and Sheila Redmond Alartosky. I think of you everyday. Love and prayers, Sheila Barry $20

In loving memory of my late wife, Theresa Choquette “Merry Christmas” Love, Don, Joe and Tanyka $10

In loving memory of my beautiful sister Denise Choquette, love and miss your smiley face, miss you more every day. Merry Christmas, your sister Debby Choquette and Gilleg $10

Merry Christmas Joycie, 9 years later and Christmas is still not the same without you. Love you $25

I’m missing making Christmas cookies with you Mom. Christmas is still hard without you. Love you $25

In memory of all our deceased relatives and friends, from Joe and Joan Bartley $100

In memory of Jimmy Noone and all the Noone Family, from and old friend $25

Congratulations to Judge Mary Francis McCabe, from Eddie, Sheila, Ryan, Riley and Kelly Doyle $50

In Loving Memory of my husband John D. Harrison Jr. Who is missed more each year that goes by. Time does not erase all wounds. They just get a little dimmer, but last forever in your heart. Oh how proud a grandfather you would have been!!! $25

In loving memory of Fred and Mary Minzner, from Ann, Dan, Brendan and Casey $60